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Postgame Quotes

Dec. 19, 2013

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UConn Head Coach Kevin Ollie

Just a tough shooting night. I can't even blame it on the layoff. We came out, we played well, had a 10-point lead at halftime. Came back in the first three minutes and pushed it up to 13 and then, like we've been doing, we play in spurts and we let the team back in. Once they smelled that they can play with us, they took it to us.

They came in, they needed this win. They didn't have a staple win the whole season. And this is a top 10 team and it's going to be a good resume win for them.

There zone was effective. We missed all of our 12 three-point shots in the second half. Some of them were 30-footers and were contested. They weren't the three-pointers that we've been getting.

Just wish we had better ball movement, better threes, and wish we could've taken it to the rack a little more and got them in foul trouble. We settled tonight, and hopefully we learn from this. When we get up and have a team on the ropes that we keep them on the ropes. We didn't do that tonight.

I think we've had leads in all of our games and then we allow teams to come back in. And it bit us tonight. We can't continue to do that.

Was it hard to recognize the type of zone Stanford was using?

It wasn't hard at all. We missed shots. We had open shots. And then we took some ill-advised threes....It was a simple zone. They did a good job with they're length, closing up gaps, closing up areas. We never got it in the "four-hole" - what we call the middle by the free-throw line - we never got it in there and exposed that. It was all settle for jump shots. When that happens, you start missing them, start pressing a little bit, and that's what happened.

On Stanford's size

It was a big zone. It bothered us, but it didn't bother us the first half....I don't know if it affected us too much. I think we affected ourselves. We got in our own way tonight.

On Napier shot at end of game

I wanted him to go to the basket. With Shabazz, you live with that, because he's put this team on his back a lot of times. But he could have taken it to the basket a couple of times, but he settled for the long three ball. And that wasn't going in tonight, so you have to make adjustments as a player. You have to make adjustments as a coach. And we just didn't make those game-winning adjustments.

Senior guard Shabazz Napier

In the second half we just had a terrible shooting display. We didn't get it done in the second half and it kind of came down to the wire. I wasn't able to knock down a shot. None of us were actually able to knock down a shot.

I'm kind of upset the way I played in the second half, the way I ran my team in the second half. I really felt like this was going to be a good win for us, and I didn't come through. All I can do is learn from it, not put too much blame on myself like I usually do, and just take it and understand what I could have done better and move along.

On the last few possessions

I felt like I had two open threes and coach was stressing go to the basket. As you can see, I didn't go. I should have. I was kind of unable to go because they were in a zone at the end.

We just played a bad second half and it kind of caught up to us. We just have to look at what we did wrong and move forward.

On not shooting the very last shot

Someone was on me. I always have confidence in myself. No matter if I go 0 for 20, I feel like I can make the next shot. Guys were just crowded on my right side and Omar was actually the guy with easiest pickings. It was a very far shot, but I definitely believe in each and every guy that can take that shot. I thought it was going to go in - we all did - like I said we believe in each other. But we just fell short.

It just wasn't going for me today. Like I said, I'm kind of upset the way I ran the team. I should have made sure we were able to get the ball down low. But like I said, I'm going to learn from it.

We understand we weren't going to go into the post-season undefeated.

UConn junior forward DeAndre Daniels On the team's poor second half shooting

We're going to have nights when we're not shooting very well. So, that's when we have to do other things - pass, get easy layups, get to the free throw line - and that's what we didn't do tonight.

They were pretty long so their zone was pretty long. We just settled. We just settled too much in the second half and shot too many threes.

On Shabazz not making his last shots and saving the game

We learned from this. It's not going to be every time that he's going to be the hero of the game and knock down a shot.

On not getting the ball to the middle of the zone

Our ball movement was kind of off so we were holding the ball a lot. Next time we play against the zone we need to work on swinging the ball and attacking the gaps.