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Dec. 21, 2012

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December 21, 2012
Connecticut vs. Fordham
Connecticut Head Coach Kevin Ollie

It was a tale of two halves.  I was really impressed by the way we moved the ball in the first half.  I think it was 16-2 assists to turnovers.  And then we came out and we played the scoreboard.  We let them get back in the game, and gave up layup after layup after layup.

We were on our way to a nice victory, and they made it interesting.

Fortunately, we came out with the win.  Fortunately, we came out and played very aggressively and played hard and shared the basketball in the first half.  I will take the win. 

We played the scoreboard and we relaxed instead of just going full speed at them and continuing to do what we did that made us have that run in the first half.  We stopped playing basketball, stopped sharing the basketball, stopped rebounding and stopped doing the different things that got us the lead. 

We were shooting the ball particularly well, we were getting in gaps, we were making them shift from side to side, we were moving the basketball.  It was beautiful to watch. 

On rebounding

It was a problem again….In the second half, they dominated us on the backboards.  But we did some things to mask it, live we’ve been doing – 15 steals, we made them commit 21 turnovers – but I wasn’t happy with our second half performance. 

On Boatright

He’s playing good basketball.  He’s getting the ball in his spots.  He’s shooting the ball particularly well.  He’s been doing a lot of extra shooting.  We want him to catch the ball and not hold it too much, and dribble, dribble, dribble.  We want him to shoot or catch, get out on the break and continue to do the different things he’s been doing. 

On front court play

It’s still a work in progress.  We’re going to keep trying to find somebody.  They’re going to keep playing.  We can’t go out and get Patrick Ewing.  He’s not around.  We’re going to have to go with the guys we got, keep believing in them, keep coaching them and keep demanding the different things we’re demanding.  There’s nobody coming up.  Nobody transferring here the second half of the season….Hopefully, they believe in themselves and, hopefully, one or two of them step up and start rebounding the ball and start playing aggressively like we know they’re capable of doing. 

Player Quotes
UConn v. Fordham
December 21, 2012

Omar Calhoun

On second half
We started a little flat and never really got it going.  We started getting out of our offense.  We were lacking in defense and rebounding.

On the first half
We played good defense and we pushed the ball.

Ryan Boatright

I’ve been in the gym really focusing on my jump shot.  It’s really paying off.

On first half
We were all knocking down shots.  We shared the ball. We just played UConn basketball in the first half.

On second half
We were just playing the scoreboard.  We didn’t come out with the intensity [that we did] in the first half and it showed.

On chemistry of the three starting guards
Game by game your chemistry is going to get stronger if everybody buys into what we’re trying to do.

Shabazz Napier 

I think we played tremendous defense in the first half.  We were kind of scrambling but we were playing defense where we were getting a lot of stops, a lot of steals.  It kind of started with [Ryan] Boatright stealing from their guards at half court. That’s the way we should play to help our transition offense.

On second half
[Fordham] played tremendous defense and also hit a lot of shots.

I think [Ryan Boatright] played tremendous defense.  When you see a guy guarding the ball playing  tough defense it’s kind of inevitable for you to do the same.

December 21, 2012
Connecticut vs. Fordham
Fordham Head Coach Tom Pecora

It becomes a teaching moment for me to just try and see who can play and get some of these young guys minutes and try and let them develop.  Right now we call mistakes experience.  I’m getting tired of it.  I’m not going to lie to you.  We have three more games in the non-conference.  We played a really tough schedule.  We’ve still only played one home game out of our first eleven games.

How much of it was them and how much of it was your team?

We have guys who play soft at times, and I’m on them for that…

I think they  said, ‘hey, we can get up and get into these guys and they did.’  So I think it was driven by them.  And then in turn, our inability to control the ball.   A term we use all the time is ball toughness.  We didn’t have a lot of ball toughness.  We had a lot of balls drift out of our hand.