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UConn vs. Auburn Quotes

Dec. 23, 2016

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Kevin Ollie

Opening Statement

"Tough game, we battle really hard. I think we held them scoreless in the last 3 minutes. Once again it was a bad shooting night, it's a bad formula when we take 28 threes and make 4 then we give up 19 offensive rebounds. I wish our guys have a good holiday and get away from basketball a little bit but when we come back we have to make sure we execute the game plan and shoot a little bit better, also get the rebounds and feed our big guys. Kenton is playing wonderful and Amida's playing wonderful, those guys went 8 for 12 that's all the shots their getting. We have to change that and that starts with me as a coach and demanding that our players execute the game plan."

On Jalen Adams

"He has a concussion. He's feeling bad right now so we have him in the concussion protocol and hopefully he gets better over the holiday break."

On the Concussion Protocol

"I'm not a doctor. They do a bunch of test. I don't get paid for that. I imagine it's not that bad, he came back on the bench for a little bit, I imagine if it was bad he wouldn't have come back on the bench."

On the 3 when they were down 2 in OT

"It was an option. We were trying to get him to come off of a down screen. We definitely didn't want to shoot a three. This is a learning experience for Vance and our guys and that's the best teacher when you go through that experience. That didn't cost us the game, the switch when we were up three. We've been switching with their power forward the whole game that's what cost us. That three really hurt us because a two in that situation didn't hurt us, a three hurt us. We wanted to switch everything with him, we didn't want him to get off the screen. I think we did a great job besides the 15 rebounds, we did a great job on him the whole game and allowing him to get that three really hurt."

On the injuries impacting play

"We were up three with one stop to go. You see what we shot? We shot 4 for 28 so that's not the game. We fought and played hard if we have to put walk-ons in we're going to do what we have to do. We have to follow the game plan, look at the shots, our bigs are playing great we have to get the balls down to the bigs. We can't shoot 28 three, the defense was good enough, everything else was good enough but we can't shoot 28 threes. We don't have the shooters or the players to do that. We have to understand that and I have to get my point across, if we have to put in walk-ons, I'll put in walk-ons."

Bruce Pearl

Opening Statement

"Growing up in Boston and going to Boston College, I remembered UConn when Dom Perno was coaching. BC and Northeastern and UConn and URI were all in the ECAC and the ECAC tournament was the biggest thing we had. Then when the Big East was born I was fortunate enough to be a Boston College at that time, Dr. Tom Davis to this day does not get enough credit for the job that he did especially in those early days of the Big East, they were right there as good as anybody. Growing up in Boston I got a chance to see Jim Calhoun and watch him at Northeastern and see what he did at UConn and turn a regional power into a nation powerhouse. So, winning against UConn means a lot more to me than I think it would to the average coach. As far as Auburn is concerned, we came to play in this two game swing on the 21st and the 23rd to try and get our program to be nationally relevant if we could. We beat a final four team from last year in Oklahoma and we beat a four-time national champion in UConn. You can say they're a little short numbered, and they are, but you come to Hartford and you win in this place you've done something and certainly on the national stage on ESPN. The short bench for UConn was obviously a factor clearly again in overtime and the fact that they struggled to find somebody that could shoot it from three with some consistency. If they can't make shots on the perimeter we just try to pack it in as best we could. I thought Mustapha Haron was aggressive, I'm he wished he was more productive in his shooting percentages and things like that but you could see what a competitor he is and you can see what a powerful player he is, you could see what a good pro he is going to be."

On Harper

"He's got the ability to turn corners and even throw it up their high with a shot blocker like Brimah. They blocked ten shots, which means we got to the rim a bunch. He's special, he had no SEC offers when we committed him and that's because of his size. You can't measure his heart. With his quickness, he's got a future in the game."

On the intentional foul at the end of regulation

"It was a good foul because he made a play on the ball but it was a bad foul because he held on too long. Win or lose you have to learn from it. It demonstrates what little control we have."

Kentan Facey:

On running out of gas at the end.

"We got ourselves into some positions where we made mistakes that we shouldn't have made because we focus on them in practice in the days leading up to the game, so we should have never made those mistakes that we made."

Losing Jalen or teammates in general.

"It's hard not to get down. I mean it's hard but we have to find a way to win. We have to find a way to stay together and play with the guys we have and find a way to pull out wins."

The stretch in the second half where the ball wasn't given to him or any of the other big players .

"I just felt like our guards were trying to be aggressive. If that led to us not getting the ball as much they were just trying to be aggressive in all ways to get involved in the game."

What did coach mention afterwards ?

"He was just trying to say we should've gotten the ball more inside a little bit. We needed to rebound and focus in at the end of the game. That's pretty much it"

What was the message from coach in the time out where there was 9 seconds left in the game ?

"We were trying to get Vance for a shot. Coach drew it up at a timeout but there was also another option that we didn't really get to. But i mean he just missed the shots so that's that"

What's working so well defensively?

"The majority of the game what we're doing defensively comes down to a few key steps that we need to get down that we never got so that was the game pretty much."