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UConn-Washington Postgame Quotes

Dec. 29, 2012

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Connecticut Head Coach Kevin Ollie

"It was a good day in my life. I appreciate the University for giving me this opportunity. It's just a dream come true for me to come back to my alma mater and be here to be the head coach and to follow Jim Calhoun, somebody I hold dear to my heart.

"Our big men were terrific tonight. Phillip came in, six minutes, and contributed. Tyler contributed. Enosch contributed. And that's what we're going to need from them. I was taking them in and out, subbing them. They did it by committee. Enosch got on the floor about five or six times that vividly stick in my mind. He played an outstanding game. Once again it was an ESPN game, so he comes out on ESPN.

"We want to continue to build on this momentum going into the BigEast, knowing it's going to be a challenge each and every game. But we're focused. Three words that we talked about in the locker room were desire, vision and focus. And I think we had that throughout the game.

On 10-2 record
"I'm happy with 10 and two, but I'm not satisfied.... I think we can give a lot more, and I'm going to push the guys and will them to give a lot more. They've been doing it.... I want them to have the best attitude in America. And that's what we're going to strive for."

On toughness
"Our rebounding, pursuing the basketball, being tough - tough is a talent, and they were tough tonight. When Washington came back and got the game down to a couple possession game, they came out and played, they came out and got a good rebound, they came out and threw an elbow and played physical."

"The crowd was great once again. I know there's a foot of snow out there, and for them to come out and support us like they did, it's exceptional. It's outstanding....I just hope they continue to support this team, because this team is going to give everything, each and every night."

On defending Wilcox
"I was very concerned about Wilcox. I think the last seven out of eight games he scored 20 points, and that's not by accident. He's a great player. I think Shabazz did a remarkable job on him, playing tough defense, taking him out of his comfort zone, getting into his space, because he's likes a little space where he can dribble drive and also hit that three. So I think `Bazz did a great job taking up space, making sure he's not late on anything. And then, it's not only Shabazz. It's Enosch moving over, being in the low position. It's out guys being at the nail. We did it collectively....So everything Wilcox did was tough on him."

UConn Player Quotes

Shabazz Napier

On Head Coach Kevin Ollie's contract extension
"We were definitely excited for him and we wanted to get his first career win as the long-term head coach. We just went out there and tried to give it our all. We were fortunate to come away with a win. I'm just happy it happened. He's been working so hard. He's kind of earned his spot."

"I think he's been doing a spectacular job on the court and also off the court. He and the coaches are the reason why we're 10-2."

On defense against C.J. Wilcox
"Wilcox is a great scorer. We tried many strategies to get him off his rhythm, whether it was denying him the ball, whether it was hitting him with some screens, getting him tired. I think (Ryan) Boatright did great job of pressuring (Abdul) Gaddy and having them focus on (Scott) Suggs a little more than they did Wilcox.

Enosch Wolf

"I was trying to get every loose ball I could. I knew I wasn't going to score a lot today so I was just trying to get every possible ball."

On contract extension for head coach Kevin Ollie
"We're all so happy and proud. We all knew he deserved a contract. And we gave it our all, on the court and off the court just to make sure he was going to get it."

Was it the most physical game of the year?
"It was fun. I needed a game like this...I felt like I didn't respond to the physicality in the last game. I took it real personal and went out there to show I can respond."

Omar Calhoun

When did the team find out about Coach Ollie's contract extension?
"He told us after shoot around today. (Athletic Director) Warde Manuel spoke to everybody as a team and told us he extended Coach Ollie's contract. We were just happy. We clapped it up for him."

More on Coach Ollie's contract extension
"It definitely feels good. Coach Ollie's a great guy. He wishes the best for everybody. He's the one who recruited me here, so it's definitely something that's relieving for the team."

Washington Coach Lorenzo Romar

"Give a lot of credit to UConn tonight. They did a nice job sticking it. Down the stretch, we probably turned the ball over more times than we would like. They did a good job sticking with what they were trying to do out there, trying to play together. Some of their defense bothered us a little bit. We didn't shoot the ball. We didn't shoot the ball well."

"I want to congratulate Coach Ollie and his contract. He's an awesome person and an awesome basketball coach."

On Wilcox
"I think they got into him early like most teams do. C.J. had some looks that he doesn't normally miss. He's such a good shooter. They were there early - a lot of shots were contested early - and then, after that, he got some wide open looks that he couldn't make go down. But it wasn't just C.J. That was the story of our team tonight."

On Gaddy's foul trouble
"He's our floor leader. You always want Abdul in the game. I thought Andrews came in and did a nice job in his absence. But you would always like to have your starting point guard in the game."

On rebounding
"Give UConn credit. They did a good job on the boards."