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DePaul Quotes

March 6, 2012

COACH PURNELL: I thought Jeremy Lamb was awfully good in the game from start to finish. He really kept us at bay in the first half. They got enough balance with some of their inside guys scoring, mainly Drummond did a nice job in there of giving them some balance, but it was really too much.

We rebounded the ball decently in the first half and we couldn't keep them off the offensive boards in the second half. They got just enough in transition. They got a lead. I really admired our guys' fighting spirit to get back into the game the second half, but you've got to give Connecticut credit and particularly Lamb who played extremely well. And Boatright really played well, too, and they got their big guys involved. Again, I admire our guys' fighting spirit, and I'm really disappointed it's over, but we lost to a better team today.

Q. As you look back on the season, what did you see from your team?

COACH PURNELL: Well, I thought we got better as the year went along. We had a resilient team. I thought we had an awful lot of things occur starting back in the summer from injuries to losing guys to Moses' episode with a concussion and some other things -- he missed four or five games in the heart of the season, and we lost some close games that we were right there with a chance to win.

You know, I think an average team or some average character guys could have and would have maybe folded it up. These guys continued to come back and work and play hard, and I thought obviously our closing game of the regular season was our best, which was nice to see, and nice to have the seniors go out that way. And we can build on that. We've got most of those core guys back, and we've got at least three new guys coming in next year, athletic guys that we like, so we can continue to build on that.

Q. Coach Calhoun was very complimentary on you and your staff as far as DePaul not being an easy stop for conference opponents. How has the community around DePaul University embraced the new team going forward?



COACH PURNELL: Yeah, we're treated great, and our fans are great all year long. We average 8,000 or 9,000 fans all year long and they were solid and they were there all year long, and our students were great and very supportive. I think I understand where we are, but more importantly I understand how hard these guys are working. That's one thing that keeps our momentum going within our community, on our campus. It's easy to see that these guys are working extremely hard and they're competitive and they're right there, so we've had nothing but solid support, and for that, we appreciate that.