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UConn vs. West Virginia :: WVa. Quotes

March 7, 2012

Q. Kevin, I know this is tough, but can you talk about your emotions right now, last BIG EAST Tournament game and what's going through your mind?

KEVIN JONES: Just a little bit of disbelief, disappointment. My team played their hardest. We didn't make the correct decisions at the end. We didn't hold on to the ball. They stole it, two turnovers for lay-ups that they really didn't earn. It's just tough because me and truck definitely wanted to go out winners of the BIG EAST Tournament our senior year, and it's tough. But it's the past now. We've got to keep on moving forward and hopefully make it into the tournament and try to make a run in the tournament.

Q. Did UConn switch up their defensive looks in the final six minutes?

KEVIN JONES: I think it was a little bit of -- it might have been that they had Andre Drummond on me, which is a total player, making it tough on me for my shots. But Coach ran a couple plays for me, which some of my teammates weren't able to find me in the right spots. UConn made the correct plays at the end to win the game. They played how they were supposed to.

Q. Truck, you guys were 0 for 11, field goals in overtime. Do you think it was more legs tired or nerves or anxiety or what do you think was going on?

DARRYL BRYANT: I think it was just the fact that we didn't execute down the stretch like we were supposed to. It just was a rough game. You got up, got a big lead and feel like you're about to put the game away and then the game slips away from you. It's rough. When teams go on a run, we all know it's basketball and it's a game of runs, but it got tough down the stretch.

Q. Did you guys feel that slipping away the last few minutes? They seemed to turn up

the pressure.

DARRYL BRYANT: I felt that we still had the game. I mean, it was still a close game, two, three-point game, so that's one possession. I don't think we was down on ourselves. We all thought as a team we were going to win the game, even when we were down four. One of us will hit a three and then we'll get a stop. But that didn't happen.



Q. Six or seven games where you've had sizable leads in the second half, is there a common theme in these close losses and stumbling down the stretch?

KEVIN JONES: Well, I think it's just our execution offensively down the stretch. When coach asked us to run a play, we have to execute it as well as possible, and I don't think we do a good job of that, and also, we don't do a good job of staying strong with the ball. We let people take the ball from us, and it's kind of a matter of getting out-toughed the last five minutes.

Q. Can we get your thoughts on the fact that this was the last BIG EAST basketball game for the program?

COACH HUGGINS: Well, it's been a good run. We've enjoyed it, most of it anyway. I mean, there's nothing like coming to the Garden to play in the tournament.

Q. Do you think you're in the NCAAs?

COACH HUGGINS: We've played more games against top 100 people than anybody in the country. They say play a tough schedule, we have. We've played more games against top 50 teams. We've done everything they've asked us to do other than maybe win a couple games. You all know that there were some -- and several of those games there were some other factors that were involved. It wasn't just us. You know, you hope that the committee looks at that.