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Selection Sunday Quotes

March 11, 2012

Head Coach Jim Calhoun

Opening statement:
"One of our main goals was to make the NCAA Tournament. We aren't defending our Championship. The most singularly important thing is to get an opportunity. We had an opportunity last year and took great advantage of it. There are probably about 280 Division I schools wishing they were where we are right now and we now have the opportunity."

On Iowa State:
"We haven't played a team yet that shoots 36 3-pointers and averages 24 a game. They shoot at 39 percent. We don't take 37 three's in two weeks. We will have to chase them off the arc. Our defense looks to be different very different than theirs. It is hard to calculate given our different leagues and different schedules. They beat Kansas State twice and beat Baylor. We are focused on beating a very good Iowa State team."

On making the NCAA Tournament:
"It doesn't get old. I am excited to play in the NCAA Tournament. This is the best time of the year. The kids came down the stretch and earned this. We had some tough wins that showed the NCAA we deserved to get in.

"This is exciting and I mean that very honestly. These kids should be thrilled about the opportunity. Miracles are going to happen. Great things are going to happen. By miracles I don't necessarily mean something magical. I just mean that all of a sudden a team can find their selves and start playing well."

Freshman Guard Ryan Boatright

On the tournament seeding:
"Everyone is excited that we made the tournament and that we have a chance to play Iowa State. We are just grateful to make the tournament and don't care what seed we are at."

On Coach Calhoun returning:
"Coach Calhoun coming back is a blessing. He changed the whole vibe and brought our confidence back up."



Freshman Center Andre Drummond

On Iowa State's offense:
"We are going to have to make Iowa State take shots they aren't used to and try to not let them take that many 3-pointers."

On Selection Sunday:
"Selection Sunday is fun. I grew up watching the brackets get chosen. Sitting the locker room with the team and hearing our name called was a blessing."

Sophomore Guard Jeremy Lamb

On Iowa State:
"We have to work on contesting shots and make them take other shots than 3-pointers. Three's make a huge difference in the game so we can't let them have open shots."

On UConn's experience from last season's NCAA Tournament:
"Experience is a great thing to have. Last year's experience is a good thing and there are a lot us who were on the team last year. Our experience can only help us."

Sophomore Guard Shabazz Napier

On how the wins in the BIG EAST Tournament helped the seeding for NCAA Tournament:
"It gave us a nine seed. It gives us a chance to play Iowa State in a really tough bracket. Despite going through our rough stretch I never had a doubt that we would make the tournament. We are excited to be in the tournament and face Iowa State."

On having Coach Calhoun back:
"I need him here. He's the reason I committed here. I love when he yells at me and I hate when he never talks to me. He is father figure to me and sometimes you need that father figure to pick you up and tell you everything is going to be fine."