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NCAA Selection Quotes

March 13, 2011

UConn Head Coach Jim Calhoun

On seed:
"Obviously it's great to be back in the tournament. We certainly missed it last year and we didn't come into the room to find out we weren't going to be in there."

"Being a three seed, obviously I think what we did during the week certainly counted. There's no doubt in my mind. We had nine losses. We were a good team in the league."

"We want to try to advance ourselves. We knew we'd get a chance. Syracuse already has a possible Big East opponent. We have a possible Big East opponent. That's a double-edge sword: they know you; you know them."

Is he worried about the team being tired after five games in five days?
"If I was worried about the idea of fatigue, we wouldn't have won last night's game, and chances are we probably wouldn't have won the fourth game on Friday night. They're kids. Could it ever hit us? I guess it could."

"One of the great things that happened to us after the Notre Dame game, losing the game, was the next day we came out and worked. We really worked, not long, but hard. We'll do something closer to that [in practice] tomorrow."

On Bucknell:
"I know [Dave] Paulson, the coach, was at Williams before. I know they're a motion team. I know [Patriot League Player of the Year] Mike Muscala can really score. I know their second-leading scorer [Bryson Johnson] takes about 38 or 40-percent of their threes. He shoots the hell out of the ball. He's about 48-percent. He can really knock it down. That's the kind of guy that in the tournament all of a sudden goes off, you've got some problems."

UConn Players
Kemba Walker
"I'm just extremely happy that we can get back to this point. We had a disappointing team last year. This year we had a lot of young guys coming into the season. Everybody doubted us. We stayed within each other and were able to crack a number three seed."



"Mentally, we've got to stay tough. We just came off of five wins in five days. It was a tough road. We play again on Thursday. Physically, we can get tired, but mentally we won't."

"My experience my freshman year in the tournament was great. It was a tough road. We went to the Final Four. This year, I think it's possible again."

Alex Oriakhi
"I was just relieved, just hoping to make it this year. I'm just excited. Being young, I always watched the tournament. It's going to be my first time since I've been in college so I'm just excited."

On the possibility of playing Cincinnati in the second round:
"You do want to play teams you've never played before but sometimes it's something you can't really control."

"I think our region is really tough. Hopefully, if we beat Bucknell, it could be another Big East battle."

Jeremy Lamb
On watching selection show:
"It was cool. It was a little surprising. We finished the season up good. I was happy. The bracket that we're in is good, I think. We just have to play hard and come out with energy, and just play as hard as we can."

Shabazz Napier
On watching the selection show:
"I'm a rookie at this. I didn't know what to do or think. I was just asking Coach "how should I react?", "what should I do?" As soon as our name came up, I just felt relieved to know for sure."

Tyler Olander
"I'm really happy to be in the tournament. I'm just excited to get ready and prepare for Bucknell in the first round."