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2017 Spring Game Quotes

April 21, 2017

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Head Coach Randy Edsall

Opening Statement
First of all, I’d like to thank all the fans who came out tonight.  I thought it was pretty impressive to see that many people out here this evening.  These conditions felt like October already!  It was a good night for our guys to experience something different.  We’ve practiced under the great elements of the Shenkman training center all spring and then to have to come out here tonight and adjust to the weather and the dampness out there, I thought they handled it really well.   I’m pleased with the effort tonight but there are things that we did well and things that we can improve on.  But what I really liked is that overall from where we started at the first practice to the end of this practice, we improved.  If we continue to do that, now they are on their own to do that over the summer, and when they come back on July 27 with the ability to move forward and not have to go back and go over things, then we’ll be headed in the right direction. 

On the Execution of the Offense and Defense
We executed some of the plays on offense tonight for big plays that we weren’t making in some of the scrimmages.  So it’s good from the standpoint that our guys have to understand defensively that they have to put their eyes where they are supposed to.  Our eye discipline wasn’t great tonight and  it’s good for our defense to see that as well.  But I think we have an offense that has the ability to make big plays and when you have that ability, you have to take advantage of them. 


On the Tempo of the Offense
We are better in practice No. 15 than we were in practice No. 1 with it.  Again, that’s one of those things where your guys have to be in shape and I thought they adjusted pretty well.  We didn’t have a false start or an offsides and we have had some of those (earlier this spring) so we’ve improved there.  I also thought we were more consistent offensively tonight.  There were some things that we probably would have done defensively  to help us but we didn’t because we weren’t game planning that way.  But I thought both sides adjusted to the tempo and now I think they understand the kind of shape you have to be in to play the way we are going to play.

Junior WR Hergy Mayala 

On the game
We had a good game, executed well.

On the long pass
It was definitely a lot of fun, I haven't had a long one in a while. I looked at Ryan and was like 'yea I told you I was going to catch it.

On a new offense 
It wasn't really that hard, coach made things simple. We have a couple formations and off that a couple plays so when he calls a formation you know the play.

R-Sr. QB Bryant Shirreffs

On the game
I loved it. It was just fun. It has been such a learning process and just to be able to go out with your friends and have fun is awesome. That's why we started playing football.

On  difficulty of learning new offense
It depends on perspective for sure. It is all about efficiency and I think the efficiency and the offense is unbelievable. It is a pleasure to be a part of it and learn.

On where you hoped to be as a team 4 weeks ago
We definitely made some strides there are a lot of areas where we need to get better and a ton of areas I need to get better. As far as getting better we collectively got better as an offense.