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Towson Quotes

Aug 30, 2013

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Towson Quotes

Towson Head Coach Rob Ambrose

Opening statement:

"I love my family, I love my family. That's good enough."

What this win means in program history:

"I'm sure in the eyes of some it will be considered very very good. We've played big competition before. We've played well and we couldn't get a win. In this history of this I'm sure we will look back and think of this as a very big thing but the family that's in this locker room right now only care about each other and we have goals. No matter who we play, we need to win to reach our goals."

Did you think you could run the ball like you did:

"Some. UConn is very good. A Paul Pasqualoni team is a very good team. There's no question about it. I knew we could move the ball a little bit. We have a great team and we are still looking to find our identity. We're doing it together and we are doing it for a goal."

When you went down 7-0, did your team hang their heads?

"Not on our team. The biggest game of the year last year was the last game of the year. We had to win it to have a chance to get in and we're playing the No. 7 team, at our level, in the country. They went 77 yards for a touchdown and there was not a guy on our team that hung their heads.

Towson RB Terrance West

With the night that you and Sterlin Phifer each had, how comfortable are you moving forward with this one-two running style?

"We are a good one-two punch. When I come off the field our team knows that Sterlin [Phifer] is going to get the yards, he is a great running back. It's a team effort. If it wasn't for our offensive line we wouldn't be getting through. It's not all just us."

At what point in the game did you know your offensive line was getting the push?

"Right off the jump. I saw right from the start of the game that they could handle it. In practice we have two big guys to go against so we have prepared for this."

Towson Defensive Tackle Jon Desir

On his interception:

"We work to get our hands up on the quick passes. I looked up and it was right in front of my face. I reached for it and had to catch it between my legs. I knew I had it."