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UConn Coach and Player Quotes

Sept. 3, 2011

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Head Coach Paul Pasqualoni

Opening statement:
"I can say I'm happy about the win. Anytime you're playing division-one football and you get a win, you know you went out there and performed. My hat goes off to (redshirt freshman RB #43) Lyle McCombs who played very well with (senior RB #24) D.J. Shoemateout with an injury. We found out before the game that D.J. wasn't going to be able to play so we started Lyle and he really had a big day, scoring four times. I know everyone wants to hear about the Quarterbacks, and I thought we got a lot out of all three (McEntee, McCummings, and Nebrich)."

How does it feel to be back in the college game and get your first win here with UConn?
"To be honest, it feels better to be here at the University of Connecticut. I grew up here, I was a high school coach here, and I feel like I'm a Connecticut guy. To represent football coaches from Connecticut at our flagship institution means a lot to me. As far as the college football part--I've always loved college football and I love being around the kids."

What's the next step with the Quarterback situation?
"The next step is to keep going. We'll continue to work and develop these guys as we work our way through the schedule. I still have to go back and grade the film, but there are definitely things I liked from each of them. I'm sure everyone else would have loved to see one guy jump out in front of the others, but you have to be patient."

The tight ends looked good today...are you hoping to see more passes go in their direction?
"I'd like to see the productive ones. The tight ends mean a lot in this system. We're lucky to have (redshirt junior #94) Ryan Griffin--he's a route runner and a crafty guy. As you saw today he can catch the ball and he's got good body control. It's very exciting to have all those guys involved and we're going to continue to do that."

Is there anything that you saw today that surprised you?
"There were times today that our defensive line was flat out dominant. Play after play there for a while, (Fordham) just couldn't run the ball. There were times everything was done well and it was dominant but there were some things that we need to clean up as well.

Dave Teggart

On breaking the all-time points record at UConn: "It definitely means a lot to me. It's my fifth year here. I'm happy people have had the confidence in me and have given me the opportunity to kick extra points and field goals here. I'm happy I've been able to come through for them."

Mike Nebrich

On how he felt today: "It was fun it was a good experience getting your first college game under your belt. It is going to help me grow as a football player. I think our team did a great job at coming out and executing the game plan. But you`ve got to move on to Vandy now and it's going to be a tough test for us."