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UConn Football Vs. Stony Brook Post-Game Quotes

Sept. 6, 2014

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Date: September 6, 2014

Opponent: Stony Brook

Result: W, 19-16

Head Coach Bob Diaco

Opening Statement:

“Congratulations to the Sea Wolves.  They are a really well-coached team and have seen a lot of success over the last couple years.  They have played up well and have really created some challenging circumstances.  Coach Priore does a fantastic job and I would like to reiterate what a formidable foe they were and we wish them all the best moving forward. 


“The team today showed a lot of grit and grind.  Our brotherhood and culture shined through and they were able to play hard for four quarters.  They gave it all they had and finished strong.  They were able to withstand adversity early and not wilt and give it the old ‘here we go again’ mentality, which could easily plague a group.  So the culture is growing and their lifestyles are strong as they are doing things the right way. 


“It was hot out there and was really a strain on the players, who showed great fight and showed that they are doing the little things that were the difference, in particular in the kicking game.  Any time that can be the edge shows that another layer of paint has gone on.  I’m proud of the way the team fought and I’m proud to win a football game, which are hard to win.  We love winning and the team is celebrating as they should but the 24-hour rule applies here too.


On the Offensive Line:

“I have to watch the tape because it’s a mosh pit in there.  But what happens is they are really packed in and, shortly after the snap, there are 10 guys standing near or at the line of scrimmage.  It’s going to be tough sledding in there.   What you saw was we got wide open guys running down the field and through the middle of the zones.  We connected on a few of them, that was the difference and we missed a bunch of them and it’s feast or famine.  But it’s tough sledding with the runs and some of the intermediate and deep passing game. 


On redshirt senior Geremy Davis:

“Yeah he’s a weapon.  He’s strong and big, he can catch, he blocks he runs crisp routes and he’s a challenge.  He would have had six more catches but we were just slightly off target here and there as you saw.  But we are going to keep wearing him out.  He’s a great player and he’s having a breakout year after two games and it will continue. 


On If Progress Was Made Today:

“Absolutely.  You want to win to reaffirm what you’re talking about.  Or you’re creating wins, which we’ve been doing up to this point; we’ve created winning moments.  But you’re crafting and creating that.  Here is pretty clear.  All the plusses and minuses get tallied by someone else at the end of the game and you get to see.  And it reaffirms that we should be gripping the rope even tighter and you want to, you want to feel this again.


One the Foxx Punt Return for a TD:

“Honestly, when it came off their punter’s foot I said to the guy next to me ‘he just outkicked his coverage’.  That is a nightmare for the special teams coach when the punter hits a ball like that.  It becomes a problem because now everything is on different levels. 


On Whether he Felt A lot of Points Were Left on the Board
“Yes, we had a lot of opportunities today that we are going to be able to make that connection in the future.  It always takes a little longer, with all the moving parts offensively, to get the precise timing down to produce.”

Redshirt senior wide receiver Geremy Davis

On the play of quarterback Chandler Whitmer:

“I think he played well. He was smart with some of those runs he had and he’s an elusive quarterback.

On what it means to move into seventh place in UConn’s all-time yards leader:

“I just want to keep doing things that will help the team. It’s not just about me. I’m happy to be playing with my teammates and I’m here for a reason.

On what it meant for UConn to get its first win under head coach Bob Diaco

“It feels good because he works so hard. It kind of hurt last week to lose because Coach is doing what he can for the team. I am so happy to get one for him early in the season.”


Redshirt junior tackle Dalton Gifford

On what he thought of the play of the offensive line today:

“We have to clean stuff up but guys are coming together more-and-more each week. It’s starting to feel good out there with everyone being able to mesh out there.

On if he thinks defenses will load up the box against them in the future

“I’m sure they will. Teams that are going to want to stop the run are going to load the box and it’ll make it more difficult for us to run it on them. At the end of the day all we could do is run the play that is called and play physical.”


Senior wide receiver Deshon Foxx

On his 72-yard punt return for a touchdown today:

“Special teams kinds of gets overlooked throughout the game sometimes, but those plays can give a team momentum. It’s definitely some of the most important plays, and we were on the right end of that one.

On what he saw on the play that he returned it for a touchdown:

“He definitely kicked it deep on me and he outkicked his coverage pretty much. I got a lucky bounce and I noticed I had a lot of space in front of me. I was just able to make one guy miss and then there it was.”


Redshirt senior quarterback Chandler Whitmer

On his touchdown pass to Geremy Davis in the end of the first half:

“Quick scores like that and big plays are always nice. That was good and it’s one of the positives we’ll take away.

On how important it was to get the win today:

“It’s very important. We have the first one on the board now and we have one more non-conference game to use before conference play starts. There were a lot of positives and a lot of negatives but we will just keep working.”

Stony Brook Head Coach Chuck Priore


Opening Statement:

“I thought it was a great effort all around.  Certainly had our chances and we’re disappointed we didn’t win the game.  I think the game was ours to win, a number of times during the game.  We got better this week, which is important.  One of our goals was to be better and as a football team overall we got better.  We certainly played hard but it’s a loss.  We are going to go back and we’re going to figure out how to win next week.” 

On UConn’s 3rd quarter punt return for a touchdown:

“There’s a thing in football when you can outkick your coverage and I think that is what happened with that play.  We outkicked our coverage and their kid was able to get the ball with running space.  That’s part of football.  You have to make plays to win, and their guy made a play.”


On defensive effort over first two games: 

“They have played really hard.  We are athletically, very good.  We’re physical.  Our defensive coaches have done a great job preparing them.  The one thing we practice against all the time is these type of offenses.  What Bryant runs, what UConn runs is what we run offensively.  We have defended it well.  A great effort, very proud of them.  I told them before the game that they not only needed to play great defense but they needed to score some points and they did.” 


Junior Defensive Back Naim Cheeseboro

On defensive effort and 1st quarter touchdown:

“Defense was flying around to the ball, ball hawks.  We just made a play and I was just lucky to be the guy to fall on it.  We just have to keep getting better, offensively and defensively.  Defensively, it’s our goal to keep teams off the scoreboard.  We let up that one touchdown in the first half but we need to keep working and get back to the drawing board.” 


Junior Quarterback Conor Bednarski

On 4th quarter touchdown drive: 

“Will (Tye) is a great receiver and we need to keep getting the ball in his hands and let him go to work.  It was a good thing to get in the endzone but we needed one more.  That’s what it comes down to, came up three points short today.”