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UConn vs. NC State Post Game Quotes

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Connecticut Quotes:

Head Coach Paul Pasqualoni

Opening statement:
"Frustrated, frustrating afternoon to put mildly. NC state is a good solid team, can't turn it over four times against a team like that and expect to win. Credit to our defense, they turned it over four time. It was a three point game in the end. To many missed queues, squandered field position in the first quarter of the game, the game started. We deferred, wanted to get field position, it was a little bit windy, so Chad kicked it well. We had field position first quarter, but we just didn't come up with anything. You think we'd come up with three or six, in that first quarter. Field position would've been big, would've been the difference for us. So... We didn't... Very disappointing from a running, rushing, running standpoint they slanted the front; we didn't do a good job of blocking. They did a good job. Give them some credit. We just overall, very disappointing, very frustrating day."

How much patience are you going to have with the offensive line? You think you're going to go back to the drawing board on it?
Well, you kind of go back. What you do is you grade the film, you evaluate the film, you get the guys their grade and then you go in there, you try to make the corrections that you feel like you need to make. So we're going to grade the film, we're going to go through that process tomorrow, grade the film tonight, go through that process" tomorrow, we'll start tomorrow afternoon. So we'll see, but I have to see the film, grade the film first.

Chandler, five interceptions in two games, three today, a couple bad decisions. What's he doing wrong?
"It's not always on the quarterback, he's got to do a better job obviously with some of those decisions, but we've got to do a better job of protecting him. It gets to a point where he's trying to make a play too, and everybody's frustrated. So we've just got to use good judgment, and everybody contributes to that. So we'll evaluate it, just like the run game, we'll evaluate it and see exactly where we are with it tomorrow."

Connecticut R-Sophomore Quarterback Chandler Whitmer

How frustrated are you in the offense performance tonight?
"It's very frustrating.  Our defense played great and we need to take advantage of that as an offense and make plays for them. We need to bring up our level of play on offense."

How do you do that?
"We'll start by looking at the film. We need to be more consistent and execute on every play."

Do you still believe in yourself as an offense?
"Absolutely. We will watch the tape, practice and move on from there."  

Connecticut R-Sophomore Linebacker Yawin Smallwood

On NC State offense:
"NC State is a great offense and I think we did a great job at maintaining them.  We let a couple plays go and that was the difference in the game."

On frustration with outcome of game:
"As a defense we don't worry about the offense. We know they are going to try and give us the best that they can when they are on the field. The defense is going to focus on what they need to do and play as a unit."

Connecticut R-Senior Defensive Tackle Ryan Wirth

On intensity of the defense:
"As a defense we have a great mindset. We go out and attack every single play."

What are your thoughts on the loss?
"This loss isn't all on the offense. There are a couple plays the defense takes away and it is a completely different game. As a team we're going to the drawing board, patch it up and come back with a win."

How does the defense continue to dominate?
"It's the hard work. We are striving to be the best we can be. We have a great attitude, a great group of guys and that's pretty much it."

North Carolina State Quotes:

Head Coach Tom O'Brien

Opening Statement:
"We knew this was going to be a tough game.  We knew this would be a grind-it-out game.  That's how they play football up here.  This is a great win for these guys and this team, especially after what happened last week."

"We had some positives today, but there were some upsetting things as well. In the fourth quarter when we needed one drive, we have that play on fourth down that can end the game basically and we don't convert.  We had some guys who really wanted to get back out there today though after losing last week.  We got some pressure up front and we got some guys who were in their face a lot up front.  I liked that.  The best thing is that we get to go home and play in front of our people next week.  For the young kids who haven't had a chance to play, they'll experience something special."

On the six sacks allowed by the offensive line today:
"They got us in some overload protections that didn't work.  We have to sit and look that over and figure some things out because teams will copy that down the road."

On the defense:
"We got three interceptions and one fumble.  A 4-to-1 turnover ratio and you'll generally win a football game with that type of performance. "