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Navy Quotes

Sept. 10, 2016

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Head Coach Ken Niumatalolo
"I'm so happy for our kids. That goal-line stand symbolizes who we are. Things looked bleak. I didn't even see the play; I was closing my eyes praying. Shows what kind of coach I am. I just looked up and our players were cheering. Our kids fought to the end. Things looked bleak. I thought Eric Hariss' punts were huge, especially that last one. Then we got that punt return; that definitely helped us. I thought Will, for his first outing, did a lot of good things. That turnover hurt us. We weren't really efficient in the red zone. We were stopped at the one, had a field goal blocked and then had that fumble.Last year we were number one in the country in the red zone. We have to improve upon that. Still have to do a better job defensively on third down. But all that said, we still won."

"Just really proud of out team. We have some great kids. I am so fortunate to coach them. I say a lot of bad things to them at practice but they keep coming back."

"I tip my hat to Coach Diaco. You have to give them credit. They were down and came fighting back. We got a little cocky there for a bit, which isn't us; we didn't keep the foot down on the pedal. But give credit to Coach Diaco and their team. We're just grateful to come out with the victory."

"We were moving the ball. Just didn't finish. Fortunately, again, our guys found a way to dig down deep. Our coaches were ... I can't say what they were saying but they were encouraging them. Guys were starting to cramp. We don't care; you can cramp after the game. Our kids just fought. I don't think it was a technique or anything; they just refused to let them score."

Linebacker Daniel Gonzales
On the last goal-line stand
"We're on the half-yard line and I knew we had to make a stop. Honestly I was thinking 17 seconds, they had at least two plays to go. We called a blitz with both inside linebackers. Just put my head down and went in the A gap, and am pretty sure Micah (Thomas) went through the B gap and we just stuffed it. Then the clock ran out."

Did you all purposely lay on the ball carrier?
"Yes. We practiced that. You know the game situation and you just lay on the guy until the ref pulls you off."

"I think the game showed the fight in this team. But to be up 21 and then be down is not acceptable. We're going to look back at it and focus on the flaws. But we came out with the win.

Safety Alohi Gilman
On his forced fumble
"I read run, came down, was outside, didn't hear the whistle so just went in and played like I was at the park."

Quarterback Will Worth
"I think everything went well (at the start). Good to get all of the nerves out. Definitely let it get too close at the end. Glad our defense stepped up and make some plays and get the W in the end."

On the last drive
"The punt return was huge; it got us inside the 20. We didn't capitalize when we were down there earlier in the game. We were just fired up to get another shot at it."

On changes made by UConn defense
"There weren't too many crazy adjustments. i think they just settled in going against the triple option."

Punt Returner Calvin Cass
"I returned last year for a little bit. I was anxious to get back out there. Honestly I heard my mom ---- she's not here, she I in the hospital ---- I heard her say `go, go, go' so I just got the ball and went. I was told by the coach before I went out there to secure the ball first and then run with it. I was thinking I needed to make a play. It (game) was too close and I needed to do something."