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UConn Quotes

Sept. 11, 2016

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UConn Head coach Bob Diaco

On the last play:

“Games are not won or lost with one play, one player or by people in the organization. To address the final moments without talking about the other things that created that last moment or opportunity, in order to have that final moment of the game (would not be right). The play to Hergy Mayala -- we did not know whether it was complete, whether it was on the one-yard line or half or incomplete. So the clock is running down, the ball is spotted and we are wondering if it’s on the one or the half as the clock is running down. We break the huddle with how ever much time and we were not going to get the time off so I burn the timeout because it is third and goal from the one, the half-yard line -- we can’t be third and goal from the five or six.”

“We called two plays but they did not let everyone get up from the ground -- kudos to them (Navy). I am not complaining or making excuses. I take full accountability. I am just describing the final seconds. I am just recapping in my mind what I lived in that moment.”

Diaco on the players coming back from a 21-point deficit:

“The players battled and fought and they were all over, defensively speaking, the triple option. There were a couple a big pass plays early that setup those scores, but without those passes it might not have been that exciting.”

Diaco on addressing the players after a game like this:

“For people that enjoy sadness, it is crushing. They are really, really, really hurt. They poured so much in and strained and fought and I am honored and proud to be their coach. We did not make enough plays and we had enough errors collectively as a staff and as a team to not win.”

WR Noel Thomas on his feelings about the game:

“I never really felt like anything like that before. We fought back in the end. Like we always do in practice, we work two-minute drills, we fought hard and they (Navy) made the play at the end and we didn’t.”

QB Bryant Shirreffs about the ending of the contest:

“I am still trying to mentally grasp the end of the game, but it was another situation where we were faced with a two-minute drill and we had a lot of success, but it was unfortunate that it ended the way it did.”