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UConn vs. Iowa State Post Game Notes

Sept. 17, 2011

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Connecticut Head Coach Paul Pasqualoni

Opening statement:

“We had a lot of opportunities in the first half off of their three turnovers and we only came away with ten points. When you’re playing a team with a quarterback like this you need to take advantage of offensive opportunities.”

It seemed like (redshirt freshman QB) Scott McCummings was moving the ball nicely. Why did you go back to (redshirt junior QB) Johnny McEntee?

“As far as dropping back and passing, we feel like Johnny is a little bit better. Scott certainly made a nice pass on the play to Isiah, but from a purely drop back standpoint, Johnny is a little bit better.”

Were you disappointed in the running game today?

“Yes, we were not able to consistently run the ball. We would have like to get some more yards from them to be perfectly honest.”

On the need to call a timeout on the 4th down attempt in the final minutes:

“We ended up having to call a timeout to get the play off. We were looking for a play from an execution standpoint that we could get the first. We wanted to get the ball to the inside receiver which was (redshirt junior TE) Ryan Griffin. We weren’t able to execute, which we need to do.”

On the big plays allowed by the defense:

“They played so well in the first half but then gave up a couple of big plays. We just got flat-out fooled on the long touchdown. They hit it. We had one of those and we didn’t hit it. When you get those opportunities, you need to cash in.”

WR Kashif Moore

On the inconsistency of the offense:

“Instead of going for the field goal we [need to] just punch it in and finish out the drive.”

“When all eleven of us execute we know what we have to do, once that happens, good things happen”

On moving forward
“We’re going to practice and get ready for our next opponent”

On the touchdown play
“I ran a corner route, just turned my head and saw the ball in the air and tried to do my best to go up and get it. I got it and got in the endzone.


DT Kendall Reyes

On holding Iowa State to 4 yards of offense in the first quarter
“We knew what they were doing and executed and played hard.”

On the result.
“We had the lead and let it slip, we let it slip last week too.”


Iowa State Head Coach Paul Rhodes

Opening Statement

“We have a game that ended up being even in turnovers- three interceptions in the first quarter- and all of the momentum was going in their direction.  Our defense gave a very substantial effort.  But we cannot do that and expect to battle back.  We can’t have 11 penalties to one and continue to win football games.  Here we sit, 3-0 with a team that gave it its all with preparation.  It was a short week and we walk away with a win.”


On the 3-0 record

“The confidence continues to build as we find a way to win football games.  I have a confident group of young men to begin with, they have to focus on improving and moving forward.  We are going to take advantage of the off week because we are tired, and Texas will as well.  Confidence builds with winning football games and being 3-0.”

On injury to QB Steele Jantz

“I am sure he is going to be awfully sore when we get back to Ames early in the morning.  He is going to see what he has got”

DE Patrick Neal

On the play in the first half

“We wanted to stay focused in the game, you don’t want to get too high or too low.  I thought we executed well at times.  We stayed focused and we stayed in the game.   (UConn) is a great team, but we stayed focused and played our game”

WR Josh Lentz

“A win is a win, it wasn’t pretty, but we will take whatever we can get.”

On the trick play for a TD

“(UConn’s defense) was bringing quite a but of pressure off the end.  I faked like I was going to run it, and looked up field and (Reynolds) was wide open, so I knew I had to hit him.”