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Postgame Quotes

Sept. 20, 2014

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UConn Head Coach Bob Diaco

On start of game:

"Just, again, no way to start a game. Hostile territory, on the road, inclement weather, all the challenges, all the adversity. The youth and inexperience and beginnings of our program continue to show themselves, as victimizing moments, in terms of winning and losing. You start the game and a few short minutes it's fourteen to nothing."

On youth and inexperience:

"They're working hard and giving it all that they have, they just are brand new players, and its going to take some time and we are going to get there. On the game:

"To think that we made all the errors that we made, this whole other ground swell of energy created a circumstance, where we got a chance to win the game at the end, after all that? We didn't convert a third down...we had nine penalties, and another turnover sets up a score right at the beginning. And we got a chance at the very end to win game. There's a lot of encouraging pieces too. It was a night of gain a little bit and do something to shoot ourselves in the foot and take a step back."

On defense:

"Our defense continues to grow, they didn't get pushed around. I thought they showed a lot of grit, spirit and they're getting better and better."

Linebacker Marquise Vann:

On Marlon Mack:

"He's very talented, we had to make sure we were always tackling, always wrapping up, that guy is very, very talented."

On conference loss:

"We'll come out next week to go ready to practice, ready to go."

Quarterback Chandler Whitmer

On one dimensional offensive performance:

"It's hard, but you just gotta run the plays that are called and try to execute the best you can..."

On the fumble:

"They did a good job, got us on that one."

USF Head Coach Willie Taggart

On going for the fourth down touchdown:

"It was wet and we didn't think we could kick it from that far. I told the team before we went out that we believe in them and instead of sitting back and being conservative, we went at them and showed that we can do that. It was great that we executed. Mike White threw the ball well and Rodney Adams to catch the ball and get the touch down."

On Chris Dunkley:

"Chris is listening. He's been a leader. Sometimes I want him to talk a little more since he plays better when he does. Last week, he was a little quiet and we don't need that Chris Dunkley; we need the energetic Chris Dunkley. He bought into the plan, into what we're selling, and the program. Every week, he's practicing and getting better especially technique-wise which is starting to pay off for him. He's studying football. Those guys are up in our office all the time now which is great so they understand the game a little better and how to play it better."

On Marlon Mack's 30+ carries:

"Oh it's huge. This week in practice, one of our former players came by and spoke to our team. He came up to me and said, `Coach, what's going on? I looked in the paper and you're running back had 14 carries - that's not what you do. You're usually around 30 carries. Get back to what you do. I like number 5. Feed him the ball.' And he was right, so we fed him the ball and he did some good things for us." On Tice late in the fourth:

"Tice is one of our power runners. We ended up in there a little stronger. He was fresh and running the ball hard in that last series. We wanted him to finish it off for us."

On what the win tonight means:

"The guys are starting to play for each other and not worry about anything else - that's something we talk about all the time. If we don't control our attitude and our mindset, then we'll let our circumstances and our distractions control us. We've got to control our attitude and our mindset and stay positive and stay with the plan - that's the only way we can get out of it. At the hotel before we left, on the way up climbing the mountain, that mountain is pretty high and as we keep climbing, we're going to step in a ditch. Last week, we stepped in a ditch. I thought this week, our guys got out of that ditch. As long as we keep climbing, it's going to get harder and we're going to lose some people on the way. We've got to stay focused and keep working to get there."

On Chris Dunkley's errors:

"Guys just have to do it right and we can't hold. I told Chris he's got to talk to the team before he goes out there. But we've got to get that corrected. We know we have a talented kid back there but we've got to do a better job technique-wise and fixing those things because that's two weeks in a row. Those things are fixable."

On the win and his excitement over the victory:

"I am really proud of the guys on how they hung in there and found a way to win that game. Considering the conditions, our guys didn't waiver at all, they just kept playing. I am really happy with the passion and enthusiasm that our guys played with. Good things happen when our guys play that way." On what the coach was most pleased with tonight at the game:

"I am very pleased by the win. Our guys stayed up beat the whole time. The guys got together in the locker room during half time and said they were going to finish the game and do whatever it takes and they were not going to fold this time and they pulled through." On how the offense effectively helped the defense tonight:

"It was good to see our guys run the football and be successful in this condition tonight. I was really pleased with our offenses first downs. They had that one drive after half time where we took about six minutes off the clock and it was big time. When you can play like that and keep your defense fresh, good things will happen for you. We have to finish some of our drives with touchdowns, but we will continue working and we will reach those things."

On defense doing a great job getting out on the field on third down:

"They were so excited! They were upset they scored later in the game and they should be, but our guys were confident. Yesterday and today were probably the most loose I have seen our guys. Sometimes I said to stop them and remind them to stay locked in and focused tonight. But it was good to see our guys be a little more loose and not uptight and confident. They were confident in what they were doing and they were confident with the plays and executed well."

On how much of a factor was tonight with (Mattias) Ciabatti's punting:

"He was unbelievable. I have said before, I would put both of our kickers up with any kicker in the country. I think tonight Ciabatti showed everyone what he was capable of especially in that condition. He was punting that ball like it was dry. I was really excited because he worked on a certain way of punting the ball to keep ball inside the five and it was great to watch him do it with the technique and the ball dropped in. The thing he worked on this off season definitely paid off for him. He was stellar tonight."

Sophomore Quarterback Mike White

On the win:

"Oh, it's awesome. Any win is a good win. Those guys up front man - they could have easily put their heads down and turn it down but we rode their backs today. I don't think I got touched today."

On the fourth down TD pass:

"I started running off the field and they said go for it. I read the play and was like, `oh alright, here we go!'. It worked just like in practice. Rodney made a great catch and an acrobatic dive for the touchdown. It was a great play by Rodney and I was back there eating my lunch. My big boys up front, they made me so proud."

On this win being good for next week:

"Wisconsin being a big, physical team - I think we should that heart that passion and how we can be that physical team too. I think it's going to translate well for next week."

On winning the first conference game:

"That's our number one goal, to win this conference. We set that as one of goals in the spring. This is the kind of game, these kind of elements and this kind of mentality. It's awesome for this team."

On Ciabatti's (punter) performance:

"Oh man, we were sharing the same towel, you know, us being prima donnas. Had to get our hands dry, you know? I told him every time, `dude, you're killing it out there', and yea he had a great game. We have the best kickers in the country, bar none."