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UConn vs. Michigan Post Game Quotes

Sept. 22, 2013

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UConn Head Coach Paul Pasqualoni

Opening Statement:

"I am very proud of the entire team's effort tonight. I was pleased with the kids who stepped up and also some of the young guys who were called on to compete and for the kids who played hurt. I admired our approach and attitude as we approached this week and this game. They (Michigan) made a couple more plays and first down then we did. We contained them for a long time but not long enough. This effort gives us something to look forward as we prepare for our next game. We will make some corrections and bounce back.

Remarking about the environment in tonight's game:

`The crowd's excitement was unbelievable. Tonight was so much fun and such a great night for football. The fans were great, the stadium was great, the only thing that would have made it complete was the outcome. All the effort that was put into it from the University, to the fans to everyone who had a part of tonight's game showed everyone who was watching that this was true, big-time college football.

On the offense and defense production tonight:

"We played good defense to start. And we also did some good things offensively. Unfortunately, we came out on the short end of things tonight. We are disappointed right now on the outcome of the game but we aren't discouraged by our performance. We will take a look at the film tomorrow and work on building for next week's game."

UConn Players

Safety Obi Melifonwu
Opening statement:

"We went out as a team and fought our hardest, but we didn't get the win. We played very well. We needed to play hard for 60 minutes but we came up with the loss.

On record crowd:

"Hard to hear the crowd we were so focused on the game. Fed off the crowd's energy and it was amazing. It was a time I'll never forget; a game I'll never forget.

Confidence on playing with anyone in the country:

"We always believe we can play with anyone in the country and we proved to everybody in the country. Everybody thought we were going to get blown out that we couldn't hang with them, and we proved to everybody in the country."

Wide receiver Geremy Davis
On Crowd:

"Obviously it was a great opportunity to play on ABC, sold out. The loss will hurt but we need to move on to Buffalo next week."

Running back Lyle McCombs
On the loss:

"There were some positive things that we can build off of, but at the end of the day it hurts. We fought hard for that win, but need to go back tomorrow.

On record crowd:

"Crowd definitely made a difference, crowd hasn't been that loud all season and as a result of it, we as a team played well. We haven't played that well all season.

On believing they had a chance to beat Michigan:

"They're college football players just like us, they practice every day, lift the same weights we do, and work just as hard as us so we had a chance against them if we fought hard.

On showing Michigan how good UConn could be:

"In some ways we showed them, in others we could have played better. We definitely could have played better."

Michigan Head Coach Brady Hoke

"I thought our team did a really good job of being resilient, especially in the second half. I thought defensively, we played awfully hard and productively. We did a nice job. Offensively, obviously, we can't give the ball away. We've got a major league problem and we've got to fix it because that's not going to win championships. UConn played hard, thought they would, knew they would. They have a coach who's a damn good coach and they executed sometimes very well defensively and sometimes offensively. Obviously we're happy to win but the way our kids responded was great.

On turnovers:

"You can't be loose with the ball and we do that a little too much. The first interception was tipped and anytime that happens I have a hard time blaming the guy who threw the football. But we just try to keep working and be conscious of how we are handling the situations at times. Throwing the ball out of bounds is pretty good because you get the ball back. Or you can punt. Matt punted really well and we need to keep running home that message.

On offensive line:

"I think it was a problem more on the perimeter. The perimeter blocking, receiver-wise, there are four people or our tight ends weren't great on the stretch play. It didn't start getting what you wanted it until later in the second half. Fitz did a nice job of being patient with it. I think we got enough push overall upfront though."

Michigan Players

Quarterback Devin Gardner:
On digging out of 21-7 hole:

"We just kept fighting, like we always work on. Trying to finish out the game. Defense fought hard and offense did enough that we were able to pull out a victory.

On option pass for TD:

"Before the play started, I knew it would have to be a quick pitch like it was last week, but Fitz responded. He put his head down and it was a touchdown, a great run by Fitz.

On his fumble:

"I really don't know what happened, it felt like it got knocked out from behind. I don't know what happened, all I know is I didn't hold onto the ball.

On the case that a win is a win:

"Definitely. Without a doubt, you know. We faced adversity and we responded. We'd rather not let it come to that, but if that's what it took on this day, we're happy with the win."

Running Back Fitzgerald Toussaint:
On digging out of 21-7 hole:

"This is Michigan, you know. We respond to adversity. When you practice hard, you're ready for anything and you're able to finish games. That's what we put an emphasis on. So that's what we came out and did.

On UConn defense:

"They came out and played good, I give credit to them. We need to play better on our end.

On option pass for TD:

"First off, I give credit to Devin for reading that very well and I give credit to the offensive line. I went out there and made a play. I saw green grass and I took it."