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UConn-Syracuse Postgame Quotes

Sept. 24, 2016

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UConn Head Coach Bob Diaco

Opening Statement

"Credit to the Syracuse staff and players. They are a class outfit and we wish them safe travels and the best the rest of the season. This was a disappointing loss. They played well and had players that played well. We had too many plays that cause losing and that make it impossible to win and need to be eliminated or minimized."

On Junior Cornerback Jamar Summers

"He is one of the best players in the country and on our team. He'll learn. We will look at his stuff and be critical. But I have every confidence in the world in Jamar."

On The Pace of the Game

"There were two explosive play passes that created the scores. I haven't looked at the stats yet but I would anticipate you are going to see a control of the game, a control of the plays and a control of the field and clock. This was exactly what we wanted to do. But we had a couple of plays that created a 21-point gift. You can't win like that or have those types of plays that cause losing and expect to win. You can't turn the ball over for a touchdown and beat anyone, let alone a big-time ball club."

On Redshirt Freshman Tyler Davis

"He does a great job and has a savvy and great hands. He plays well on offense and executes the exotics in our other facets really well. He's been a nice surprise for 2016."

On Redshirt Junior Linebacker E.J. Levenberry

"He's a really good player. He's a natural and instinctual linebacker. You can really see that he has high football intelligence. He loves to play and loves to compete. I really enjoy being on the team with E.J."

CB Jamar Summers

On takeaways from the game:

"It's a learning opportunity and a building opportunity for us. Now we're on to the next game."

On game's results

"It definitely is frustrating. Being at the corner position and watching the ball thrown over your head two, three, four times is not the best feeling."

On long pass in fourth quarter

"That was an ugly play. I misjudged the ball and though I could get my hand in there. I clearly didn't and he (Etta-Tawo) made the play."

QB Bryant Shirreffs

On slow start

"We didn't get off to the start we hoped to have. I think we did a lot of positive things in the game that we can build on. We obviously made some critical mistakes, but I'm looking forward to watching film and see how I can get better."

On connection with Noel Thomas

"I can't really explain it. He just makes plays. It's like I know where he is all the time in a subconscious way."

On fourth-down play

"Going back, I would probably buy some more time and throw it to the back of the endzone. I came up short. The linebacker made a good play and I didn't. It came back to haunt us; it cost us the game."

Syracuse Head Coach Dino Babers

On team's defensive effort

"Well, I just thought for them to in the second half to play as well as they did in the first half, to come out and get a pick-six and take it to the house, really change the game. It really took the pressure off of us and put it on our opponent. I just thought that was so big and I am so happy for them."

On WR Amba Etta-Tawo performance

"We really think that Amba can beat anyone out there. He is an exceptional player with a lot of god given ability. He has really come in and bought into techniques and fundamentals and he has really taken off. I wish him nothing but the best. I think he has already passed his previous career-high as a collegian in four games with us than his entire time at the other school. I think if you asked him he would say he made a good choice."

On getting a road win

"Well it's just good to say we are 2-2. You would think we wouldn't take pride in that but it's better than saying you are 1-3. These guys have worked really hard and I just want to make sure they have the opportunity for it to pay off. For them to get this win on the road against a very good opponent. Connecticut is a good football team and coach is doing a great job there. This is a good football team, they'll get to a bowl game. Happy for the team and hopefully we can keep it going."

Quarterback Eric Dungey

On WR Amba Etta-Tawo

"That's Amba. Ever since he got here, I went out of my way to get to know him and he's a great guy, on and off the field. It's kind of like he's a big brother to me. I'm just happy he chose us. Saw him out there in one-on-one coverage and I trust him."

On 99-yard drive in 4th quarter

"That was huge for us. That's what we needed. It was frustrating for a while but our defense did a great job. Glad to see we could pick them up when it counted."

WR Amba Etta-Tawo

On record setting 270 yds receiving

"This goes back to chemistry with the quarterback and the coaches. They trust that I'm going to make plays and they keep giving me opportunities to do that. I just appreciate that."

On 99-yard drive in 4th quarter

"We were in the hole and we just looked around the huddle and said we have to do it, put the game away. We came out and dug in, dug deeper and got it done."