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    Sept. 26, 2009

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    UConn Post Game Notes

    Head Coach Randy Edsall

    Opening Statement

    Well, it was a great win. We’re 3-1 right now and of course there are things that after any game that we’ve got to work on but I thought we didn’t do a good enough job of telling the guys to just take care of their responsibilities and the plays will come to them. There were some guys today who were pressing a little bit just to try to make things happen rather than just letting the game come to them. I think Jasper (Howard) with the punt returns and Desi (Cullen) with a couple of the punts. Cody a couple times, but I’ll take the fault for that. There were a lot of people who did make some plays for us and I thought we came out of it relatively healthy.

    Talk about Cody’s (Endres) performance, completing 9 of his first 10 passes.

    I thought he did a good job. The only thing we have to work with him on is holding the ball a little too long. The first time we got sacked, with the fumble. He had one-on-one coverage and just held onto the ball.

    How well did you think Michael Smith played today?

    Mike played a pretty good game today and he’s back out there running full speed and making some things happen. Mike’s a guy that is sure-handed, runs good routes and you could see him out there today, he was a little healthier than what he had been. He’s a guy where going to have to have catching balls for us.

    Senior Tailback #2 Andre Dixon

    Coach (Edsall) said he thought the team lost some intensity after the first couple of series, what did you think?

    Sometimes when you get things going well you think it’s going to be easy and you start to let down a little bit. And you can’t let up until there are zero’s all the way across the clock.

    Did you feel like you let up a bit?

    Yea, I felt like the team did let up and coach came into the locker room and said it didn’t matter who we were playing, it’s not about them, it’s about us. We need to come out strong and play with intensity for the entire game.

    With 7 fumbles, did you feel the team wasn’t on their game today?

    I thought we were on our game but at the same time you have to protect the ball and coming into the game they had caused a lot of turnovers so we thought they were going to be a ball-hawking team and we just really had to buckle down and protect the ball.

    Senior Cornerback #42 Robert McClain

    On the play of the team so far:

    We’re getting into the Big East Conference now and we have to take it to another level, we all start over with a new 0-0 record.

    Do you appreciate the offense scoring a lot of points and using a lot of clock?

    We do, we do. Scoring points is always a good thing. It keeps us off the field and we get to stay rested.

    How did you feel about the play of the defense especially on third and fourth down?

    I think we played well. We came up with some big stops and that allowed us to get some momentum.


    URI Post Game Quotes

    Head Coach Joe Trainer

    Opening statement

    I thought we came out and struggled at the beginning to adjust to the tempo and the environment. After the first eight plays, I think we settled down and were solid for really two-and-a-half quarters. At the end, I think we just ran out of gas. They just kind of wore us down.

    We weren’t able to convert off the turnovers, except for the seven points in the second quarter. It’s going to be a growing experience for our guys. There were some good things for a while. At the end of the day, I think UConn is going to be in the mix for a Big East Championship. It was a great experience for our guys to play in a venue like this. But we’ve got to grow, and we’re not where we want to be right now.

    Is he concerned with the red zone defense?

    We’ve got to do a better job getting off the field. Six-for-six in the red zone [for UConn] isn’t good. Some of it has to do with the quality of opponent. But believe it or not, I’m more concerned with the big-play strikes than I was with the red zone. If you force the other team to drive the ball 10 or 12 plays, it’s going to be in our benefit. They had some big plays and hurt us, especially with the way they ran the ball at the end. They had a couple of big passes, too. But I’m probably more concerned with that then the red zone defense.

    What’s the experience like for your team playing here?

    I worry more about the opportunity to step up against good competition. A lot of I-AA guys were recruited by bigger schools, so it’s a chance to prove that you belong. I don’t think the drop-off is that great. I always tell my players to act like they belong. If you’re a guy on our team that aspires, whether you’re a freshman or a senior, to play beyond college, this is going to be the first game for a scout to look at. Obviously there’s a challenge to compete every time and every play.

    Rob Damon, Jr., Linebacker

    Does other I-AA teams’ success motivate them for a game against UConn, or do they look at it as just another game?

    “I believe we look at it as another opportunity to get better. Of course we know they’re good. Like coach said, we can play with them. We’ve got a lot of folks on the team who had hoped to be playing at Division I. Now is the time to prove it.”

    Matt Hansen, Jr., Linebacker

    What are your thoughts on URI’s play today?

    “I think we competed hard. We played hard the whole game. UConn’s a great team. They proved it today.”

    What are some of the positives the team can take from today to apply to the future?

    “I think that we proved at points that we could play with these guys. There were times when we forced some three-and-outs. We had three turnovers. We could do it. We just have to play that way on a more consistent basis for the whole 60 minutes.”

    What has the team done to force so many fumbles this year?

    “In practice, we do this turnover circuit. We’re always working on forcing fumbles. The first guy has to get the tackle, then the second guy comes in for the strip. Once the first guy holds him up, the second guy comes in for the football and tries to get it back.”