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UConn vs. Buffalo Post Game Quotes

Sept. 29, 2012

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Connecticut Quotes:

Head Coach Paul Pasqualoni

Opening statement:
“The first thing that sticks out for me, is we didn’t turn the ball over and that was a big big… big factor in the game. We expected a very hard fought game, we prepared for a very hard fought game and we got a hard fought game. I thought we had good field position many times during the course of the game. I thought in the second half we played a solid game. They got us on the hook and lateral, which was a big play. They got the score in there and we couldn’t get them down on the ground, couldn’t knock him out of bounds, which was a credit to Buffalo, getting back in the game. I thought that Zordich, the quarterback, ran the ball, he was really effective, I thought running the ball. They ran it for over 100 yards, we probably haven’t given up that many yards rushing yet this year. He scrambled, ran a quarterback draw, that type of thing. But I thought that overall it was a complimentary win, it was a good team win for us, offense, defense, special teams. I thought that we pinned them down each punt, at critical times, which really helped us. It gave the defense a lot of field behind them. Just happy with the effort of the guys, I thought our focus was really good today, I thought we played with energy.”

What did Buffalo do that prevented UConn from putting the game away?
“There were a couple opportunities there, where we could’ve taken advantage of a little field position. But they came back with a trick play and they got us, they got us on the trick play and they moved the ball and kicked a field goal. They fought their way back into it, well coached teams are going to do that.”

Do you feel the team took the foot off the pedal in the fourth quarter?
“No, I don’t think so. I think we were trying, trying hard. They were able to put that little drive together, kick the field goal, come back and try that onside kick. The hook and ladder then I guess the field goal… I don’t think we let up, no, I think they were fighting hard, and we were fighting had.”

Connecticut Senior Linebacker Sio Moore

On Buffalo’s trick plays:
“There were a couple trick plays that caught us off guard. In the end we were able to answer. The biggest thing on defense is if you can answer at tough times.”

On the defense’s consistency: 
“I think we were able to get after them when we needed to. We would like to be more consistent and create more instances for the quarterback to be uncomfortable. For us, I think it was a good starting ground and we need to go back to practice and get ready for Rutgers.”

Connecticut R-Sophomore Quarterback Chandler Whitmer

On the second half:
“We kind of stalled out a little bit. We want to improve on not slowing down in the second half. We need to maintain that focus throughout the game and finish the game strong.”

Why do you think the offense slowed down in the second half?
“I think it could be loss of concentration. We’ll just have to continue to work and put more drives together.” 

On UConn’s 92 yard drive:
“It was a great drive. 92 yards is a long way to go. We did a good job at keeping the defense off balance and continuing to move the ball.”

On throwing to eight different receivers:
“That is just how our offense is. We just need to execute the play calls. There is no way the defense can key in on one guy because we can move to the next open receiver.”

Connecticut Senior Linebacker Jory Johnson

On Saturday’s win:
“It was a great win for us. We didn’t end it like we wanted to but we were able to get the tough win at the end.”

On Buffalo coming back at the end:
“They hit us with a big play. The hook and ladder play caught us off guard and they executed well. It gave them momentum moving forward.”

Buffalo Quotes:

Head Coach Jeff Quinn
Opening statement:
“I thought that our football team today, went on the road and played extremely hard, with a tremendous effort against a good football team in UConn. There was some great effort by our defense late in the game that I thought really allowed us to be able to have that possession in the last final seconds of the game. We weren’t able to have some last second heroics in that moment, but for us to utilize the clock wisely and our defense stepping up gave us a chance. Pat Clark’s kick late in the game was huge. But there were a lot of things in the game that we’ll go look back at and say if we had done this a little better maybe we would have been more accurate here, or protected a little bit better, or created a better pass rush, or created some more turnovers, I think those are all things that we’re going to look back at that cost us the game. But I really like the way our kids fought, and they competed their tails off, and I couldn’t have been more proud of that football team in the locker room.”

When asked about the opportunity to tie late in the game?
“You can’t ask for more than to be on the road and have that opportunity late in the game. I think Brandon Murie and Devin Campbell stepped in and stepped up, and I think all week long they understood their role and their responsibility and picking up the slack without [Branden Oliver].. “

What went into the decision to go for an onsides kick so early in the game?
“To be aggressive, I want the players to understand that that’s my personality and we’re not going to hold back.”