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Post Game Quotes: UConn vs. Temple

Oct. 13, 2012

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Connecticut Quotes:

Head Coach Paul Pasqualoni
Opening statement:
"Well obviously very disappointed, very very disappointing lose. I thought that there were some great efforts out there. I thought the defense on the fourth downs was really outstanding. I thought we protected well in the first part of the game, first half of the game gave Chandler some time to throw the ball. In the end, Temple made two plays, in the end that really was probably the difference. We didn't capitalize on all the point opportunities; well obviously Chad had a tough day. Sometimes in the world, the life of the kicker it's a lonely position, a tough position and I'm sure he's tough and he'll bounce back move on from it."

What are you going to do about that offensive line, because the running game wasn't there, and the protection broke down?
"Well, yeah the protection broke down, but I thought we protected well at times. I thought they took a step forward today to be honest with you, in some areas. I thought they went out, were pretty focused. I thought at times did some pretty good things."

Watching Chad miss those field goals, he's got to be devastated. Will you speak to him?
"Absolutely, I'm just going to encourage him. I'm just going to tell him I've been around kickers who miss kicks. It's a tough deal; it's a tough position, a lonely position. He's a great kid, he's pretty tough."

Chad Christen, R-Jr., K
"I just didn't do my job.  Any time I get the opportunity, I have to make those.  That's where the trust comes in with Coach Pasqualoni.  I look forward to rebounding from this and staying strong.  I know all my teammates are supporting me to the fullest.  I'm going to go out there and do my best next week."

Was there something technical with the kicks today? The shoe, the sock, what was it?
"I'm gonna go back, take a look at the film and make evaluations there.  I can't really judge from anything really.  Every kick I've missed this year has faded to the right.  It's my job to get that corrected.  I wish it wasn't this game obviously."

How hard of a game was this?
"Obviously very very tough.  I respect these seniors so much.  I wish I was able to get my part done.  I know they have my back as much as I have theirs. We have an opportunity next week to go out and get a win."

How confident were you that you'd make that field goal in overtime?
"I was pretty confident.  It wasn't a long field goal.  Assessing the whole game and how the whole game went, field goals aren't automatic. I just missed it."

Coach said that if he had the chance to do it again, he'd line you up again.  How does it feel to hear that?
"It's great. We work on it every week.  He has a lot of trust in me.  We talked all week about going out there and doing your job to the best of your ability.  That's what I hope to do next week."

Max DeLorenzo, R-Fr., RB
It was a good game for you, but it has to be a tough one overall:
"It was exciting for me, especially coming back home.  It was a tough one.  We started out strong.  Give them credit, their defense.  They played well, but we have to find a way to win."

What do you think happened offensively after the first quarter?
"I think they made adjustments.  We didn't.  Sometimes we messed up on our protection.  Chandler got hit a few times.  That stuff stalls an offense."

How hard of a loss is this, what's the mood like?
"It was tough.  We're not playing the blame game.  We go back to work tomorrow. We've got Syracuse in six days.  We can't hang our heads on that one."

How would you describe the reaction from this team?
"It's tough.  We're very upset.  Just like we were last week because we thought we could have won that one.  We were up the whole game and this was just a heartbreaker." 

Ryan Wirth, R-Sr., DT
"You put it all out there and you want the W.  Obviously it didn't happen today.  We're gonna have to go back to the drawing board again and figure out what happened.  We've got Syracuse in six days.  That's all I can really tell you guys."

After making those fourth-down stops in the fourth quarter, how tough is this?
"I try to be positive.  I've gotta keep my squad together.  Band together, keep working.  We've got to come back and play even better next week."

How do you explain what happened at the end?
"We'll have to go back and watch and see if we can patch up those things.  Obviously that drive was inexcusable.  That's not a part of who we are.  As a team, we'll go back and fix that."

Did you feel that you had won the game after those three stops?
"I try to play each play.  I don't really look up.  I don't get caught up in all that.  I just try to do my job each play.  That's not what I wanted to see though."

What do you say to a guy like Chad after this game?
"Just keep your head up.  We're a team.  I don't point fingers at anybody.  That's not our style.  That's not gonna get us anywhere.  That's it."

Temple Quotes:

Head Coach Steve Addazio
Opening statement:
"Let me start out by saying this, there's a lot of fight and a lot of will on tenth and diamond. This team has got that fight in them that will in them, they got that stuff that's a great foundation for the building of a program. It wasn't pretty, in fact at times it was downright ugly, but the moral of the story here is we found a way to win. In the first quarter we had 11 yards of offense, 11, 11. They had 192, we fought our way all the way back to 344 yards of offense.... We had a bunch of penalties go against us, and we had to overcome all of that. There was a lot of adversity on the football field on the road, but this young team fought that adversity and came all the way back. I'm proud of my team, I'm proud of the way they fought."

On winning two consecutive Big East games for the first time as a team:
"We're in such a world of one game at a time right now. I've been coaching a long time and I've been in a lot of places. But we are battling, our coaches, our players, we're battling. When I tell you that we're straining every week, practices are hard and we're grinding for every inch we can get.

You gotta love the grit. We're a gritty team that wants to get better, that wants to compete, that's not intimidated."

On the comeback victory:
"It was ugly, it was downright not good in the first half. But the foundation of our program, of what I want our program to be is a gutsy, hard-nosed, tough-assed program that will fight you. That's what I want. That means everything to me." 

On the special teams performance:
"I thought that in the second half we were going to open the game up. That's how I really felt. But we just kept getting pinned by penalties... That's gotta go away, and that's my job."