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UCF 24, UConn 16 Quotes

Oct. 22, 2016

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Head Coach Bob Diaco

Opening Statement

Credit to Central Florida and their staff. They did a fine job and played a class game with great integrity, they played hard and well and made enough plays to win the football game. The players made enough plays and the coaches coached enough plays to win the football game. I'd like to also thank UConn Nation for coming out it was a great crowd today, the lots were full, the husky walk was full. The players felt great support and love, they work very hard and everyone's disappointed. Everybody is very upset losing, I know it's frustrating and I know the people at home are frustrated, no more than the players and staff. But I do want to thank and acknowledge all those people that came out on a foul weather day to support the team.

On the offense's struggles in the red zone

"It's execution and more dynamic play calling and selecting. The whole collective unit was poor and ridiculous. If you count the 21 as the red zone, 7 trips in the red zone."

On the game slipping away at the end of the first half

"The one thing is you can't give up points in the final two minutes of a half. That was a big deal, it was a big moment. We let the proverbial rope slip out of our hand a little bit there in the final minute and a half of the half. Then it's a different ball game. Obviously the offense was very different in the second half than they were in the first half. No doubt about that, but we can't give up points right there in the end. It can't happen."

DT Mikal Myers

On the game today

We just didn't make enough plays. We had our opportunites, but we didn't come up with the plays we needed. As one of the leaders, I try to keep everybody in a positive mindset. As long as we have a place to play we have to continue to play the game. We've got to just get ourselves collected, move forward and finish the season strong."

QB Bryant Shirreffs

On the running game

"The running game was working well for us, but they made adjustments, like any good team would do. It was up to us to change what we were doing. I did think we moved the ball really well, we just couldn't execute in the red zone. As things stalled more and more, momentum really slowed."

RB Arkeel Newsome

On the offenses mindset

"First half, we executed really well, then in the second half we fell short on a lot of plays. Those are mistakes we had to correct and come back next week. Coach is always telling us, when we get in the red zone, we have to put up touchdowns and that was a big thing we didn't do.

On another 100 yard game

"Nothing has changed, I'm just focusing on reading the offensive line and the blocking scheme and trying to make the most out of the play every time I get the ball."


On the offense today

"We've got to score touchdowns once we get in the red zone. That's got to change and it's on us, the offense, to do something about it. All these opportunities, we have to come up with big points. Being close to the end zone, it shrinks your playbook, but really it comes down to execution."

Head Coach Scott Frost

Opening Statement

We played a good football team. UConn is a very talented team. I think our players have been through a lot after the past week, after how the last game ended, and I can't say enough about their character. We rebounded and fought in another close game, this time finding a way to win. We'll have a good plane ride home.

On no turnovers in a rainy game.

I didn't realize that; in a game in these weather conditions, you expect there to be miscues and mistakes. We had a few penalties here and there, but being able to take care of the ball on offense was critical.

On scoring drive at end of first half.

That was big. We were hoping with a little more than a minute left we would be able to at least kick a field goal. We had just enough time to take a shot at the endzone with nine seconds left and Jordan Akins made a fantastic play. He's a big-time athlete and as good a guy going up for a ball in the air as I've ever been around. It was a tremendous play by him that set us up for the second half.

On McKenzie Milton's performance.

McKenzie is a special kid besides from being a good football player. To handle all the stuff he has handled, in his early development as a quarterback, is amazing. I look forward to him continuing to improve.

Tight End Jordan Akins

On win over UConn.

We just came together and got the win. We've been battling through a couple tough losses and we really wanted this one and we pulled together to get a win.

On TD catch before halftime.

It felt great. When there is a ball up in the air, I'm definitely trying to come down with it; it's one of the best feelings to have.

On momentum shift.

The touchdown before halftime shifted the momentum. They had it at first, but then we were able to take it and both sides of the ball played well for us.

Linebacker Errol Clarke

On win over UConn.

I think it was a great team win. At times, the offense helped pull the defense and the defense helped pull the offense.

On holding off last-minute chances for UConn.

It's one of those moments when you are sitting on the edge. The team went out and wanted it. We really wanted this one. We didn't want that sour taste in our mouth again from last week (against Temple), and that pushed us over the top.

On Milton's pass and reception on the same play.

I always told McKenzie since he first got here in camp, I told him I love the way he plays. He's a guy not afraid to take risks and he wants to win. He caught the ball, and I was like that's just McKenzie. We've got our own Johnny Manziel. I thought he pump-faked, but he caught it.