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Post Game Quotes

Oct. 27, 2011

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Pitt vs. Connecticut, October 26, 2011

Quoting Quarterback Johnny McEntee

On Pitt's offensive strategy in the first half:
"Pitt was doing a pretty good job on coverage and we actually ran the ball pretty well the whole game. We had trouble passing in the first half and we couldn't convert any third downs. We fell behind quick, but I think we came out in the second half and started moving the ball. We at least gave ourselves a chance to win when we came back out in the second half of the game. I missed a lot of throws at first but in the second half we started making more passes and plays happen. We executed a little better in the second half."

"On a couple of those first drives in the second half, if we would of played like that the whole game then I think we would have definitely come out with a win. It seems like that in every game, we do pretty well on certain drives and move the ball well, but we either can't get a touchdown in the red zone or we can't do it the whole game."

"I think it comes down to execution. We are doing a pretty good job at practice and our team is working really hard but we have to do a better job at executing."

On Pitt's six sacks against UConn:
"At least two or three of the sacks were on me. I have to do a better job at avoiding the rush and getting the ball out quicker."

Quoting Linebacker Sio Moore

On Pitt's offensive strategy:
"We didn't come to play like we were supposed to and there wasn't anything we didn't know they were going to do. We prepared for this team for 10 days and we didn't execute. Pitt did execute and they outplayed us tonight. Overall, they got the best of the match today. For us we didn't capitalize on what we were supposed to and we didn't make the right plays. Pitt was able to take small plays and turn them into big plays, which is what good teams do. Pitt proved they were the better team tonight."

"We needed to get a stop and we weren't able to tonight. It's one thing when you prepare all week and you want to win because every team wants to win, but you also have to know how to win and you have to execute. You have to make sure you do what you have to win. We came up short and that's just how it is."