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ECU 41, UConn 3 Quotes

Oct. 29, 2016

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UConn Head Coach Bob Diaco

Missed Opportunities Throughout The Game:

“If we didn’t miss the field goal it should be a 7-6 game and they scored a trick play on third down. It was like letting the rope slip out of your hand. Not that it was even a draw at that point but other than the first drive, it was a well defended half. Still didn’t generate any offense and not enough first downs.”

Overall Thoughts On Performance:

“We turned the ball over three times. We didn’t take it away and couldn’t pick up first downs. It’s pathetic. Defensively, you are constantly on the field. It’s a short field and every time you turn around your back out there again seconds later and our backs are against the wall. That is just no way to play defense for sure. We gave up 41 points but there is a deeper subtext there. Our defense, for a large portion there played way better than them. We need points, we need drives and that’s what creates hope and excitement and belief.”

What He Said To The Players After The Game:

“The same thing it always is. I love them and I care about them. Performance needs to increase. Performance as a staff needs to increase. We need to create more opportunities for them to produce and from an energy standpoint, more leadership. It has been a long, hard, crushing season so far and what is so unfortunate is that we make so many adjustments as a team and that’s what is so unfortunate.”

East Carolina Head Coach Scottie Montgomery

Thoughts On The Victory:

“It was one of those situations where effort and energy met our execution today. Special teams, plus, defense, plus, offense.”

How The Team Performed Throughout The Game:

“I will let the tape do that. There are things we did not do well, especially in the first half offensively. Then we got going. We had to use some tricks to get the energy going and some emotion there. I think our guys really got into it.”

The Execution Of The Trick Play Touchdown:

“It was good job acting but it was just a great throw and a great catch. We worked on it and you have to get stuff game ready. We have been working on stuff to get it game ready. The situation presented itself and I wanted to get a timeout there to see if we can get the play call and they went and executed it.”

Scoring Right Out Of The Gates In The Second Half:

“When we went into the locker room the biggest thing I wanted my guys to understand is that it was a 0-0 game. The most critical play in the game though was us hitting that three. Getting that field goal it was critical deal because the team that gets the double score, goes into the locker room and comes out and scores, increases your win percentage chances by a huge amount.”