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UConn Football Vs. UCF Post-Game Quotes

Nov. 1, 2014

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Head Coach Bob Diaco

Opening Statement

“Credit to Coach O’Leary and Central Florida.  They fought hard for four quarters and are a well-coached bunch as you all know.  They run the kind of program that you respect and are kind of pointing towards as a young coach.  You look at the depth and the layers of older players and seniors and juniors that are operating in all three phases for them.  It’s just a really talented, well-coached bunch and I wish them the best for the rest of their season.

About UConn Country and the great Huskies of this state; thanks so much for coming out in inclement weather, sideways rain and the cold.  But the place was rocking and people were screaming and everyone is so supportive and we hear such great comments.  I want to take this opportunity to the people of the state, speaking on behalf of the team and the coaches.  It’s an honor to represent the state in this competition.

I’m just so proud of the team, I’m proud of the players each week in how they fight and their spirit.  Our culture is growing and has been taking route.  It’s great to end the game with a win and to be able to reinforce all the things they are doing and how hard they are working.  It’s an honor to coach this team.

After Showing Gradual Progress Throughout the Year, How Does It Feel to Win This Game

“ It feels great.  I’m happy for the guys, the young men on our team.  There has been so much adversity, misery and pain and they have persevered and grinded through.  They have listened to the message and had faith when you couldn’t really see it.  Now to get a win to reinforce and to give them 24-hours of joy and to eat a dinner that tastes good on a Saturday night and be with their family is awesome and heartwarming for the staff.

On The Decision to Play Deshon Foxx at Quarterback Today

“Mike Cummings, our offensive coordinator representing the offensive coaching staff, has done a fantastic job through an incredible amount of adversity.  He’s tried to tweak this and that and come up with plans to protect players and add to our assets.  It’s like a chess game that’s evolving constantly and now our players, the offensive line in particular, are starting to grow together and gel.  Those guys have done a great job plotting out the moments in the game where we can use a 1-2 punch that gives us an opportunity to use some different changeups.  They have done an outstanding job.

On Noel Thomas (four catches for 83 yards and two TD’s)

“Noel Thomas is a talented player.  Since the day I met and had the chance to identify, I sat him down and told him ‘you’re a talented player.’  There is no doubt about that.  He can run, he’s big, he’s got soft hands, body control and runs crisp routes.  He just needs to mature in the game and now that he’s doing that, he is working on how to become a professional and how to be a student-athlete at the highest level.  So as he continues to grow that, he’s going to make plays.  As all that rounds out, he will add to his skill set and the sky is the limit for Noel. 

On A Lot of Former Huskies Being Here Today to Honor the Memory of Jasper Howard

“I say to these guys whenever I see them ‘you’re not on the team anymore but you are always part of the family.’  We want them to come back and engage with the team.  We want them to come to practice, come to meetings come into the hallway.  We want to welcome all these guys back with open arms.  We need them to continue to grow the culture.  We need our players to meet the players that played their position before them with exceptional ability, talent strain and grind.  So we want them to come back here more and are open arms for full engagement and contact with our football alumni.”

Redshirt-junior safety Andrew Adams

On what it meant to get the win today

“It’s just a great feeling to get a good team win. We finally played four quarters of football and finished a game.

On his three-interception performance

“I just try to come out every game and make plays. I try to bring energy to the team and put the offense in good positions.”

Redshirt-sophomore cornerback Jhavon Williams

On his performance today

“I know I had to step up and when my number is called I know I have to lead by example and be more vocal.

On if last year’s game gave the Huskies any extra motivation coming into today

“We felt like we owed them something and it was definitely important to give them our best shot today.”

Redshirt-senior quarterback Chandler Whitmer

On what it took to get the win today

“We believed in the game plan and just executed the plays. It was really sweet because its been awhile since we put together a game like this.

On if UConn felt any momentum from their good performance against ECU last week

“Yes absolutely. These are the two best games we’ve played this season and that was the plan. We hope to continue that and get even better.”

Senior wide receiver Deshon Foxx

On his touchdown run

“It was great blocking. I have to give all the credit to the blockers. I was just able to use my speed to get into the end zone.

On where today’s game ranks among all the wins he’s been a part of

“For me I would definitely have to put this up there as my favorite. We were able to win in front of a lot of the alumni and the people who came for homecoming. It was just a great feeling and we won this as a team.”

UCF Head Coach George O’Leary

“I tell you what, from penalties, to ball security issues; [we] just really didn’t play smart football out there in any phase; offense, defense or special teams. I thought Connecticut took advantage of our mistakes, and that is what it was, a game of mistakes as far as I can see it. You can’t do the things that we did out there, just foolish with the ball, we had four picks, add the drops and you just can’t do those things. You have to regroup and get ready for the next one.
On UCF opportunities
“We had opportunities early. Fourth and one the offense couldn’t get it going again. The biggest issue was that we kept giving them great field position, on a bad day, with turnovers. We can’t do that. And then we had a couple penalties that really hurt on that one drive that put them ahead. Just can’t do those things.”