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Game Quotes

Nov. 4, 2012

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Head Coach Paul Pasqualoni

Pasqualoni: "Going in at half time, we felt like there were some things we were going to be able to do in the second half. I thought the coaches did a great job getting us up on the board. I thought we played with good effort. I thought that both teams fought hard. I thought the defense coming out of the Syracuse game would give up some yards against the run. Earlier in the game, we just couldn't get settled down and we gave up that one touchdown. From that point on, we really settled down and played really well. You just can't have that many bad things happen in the fourth quarter in a tight game like this."

Reporter: "USF had six takeaways all year and they get three on three straight possessions."

Pasqualoni: "The fumble seemed like the handoff hit a little bit high, but the ball just ended up on ground, which was kind of a freaky thing. In the other play, the ball slipped out of Chandler's hand and on the last one, a lineman intercepts it. I put those in a category of `bad things happened' and for us, those were bad things." Reporter: "On that last drive it seemed like you had some time to go a little slower there and you may have rushed on that last possession."

Pasqualoni: "I'm not sure we rushed it. We had one timeout to go, and we had to score. I wanted to save the timeout. I didn't want to get into a position where I had to burn the timeout, so I wouldn't say we were rushing. I think when there's an injured player when there's 2:01 to go in the game and you have all that time, you get the play called and you get to the line of scrimmage so you're not winding 12 or 15 seconds off the clock. I think that you want to try to conserve every second you can at that point, and if you are going to risk being out of control then I agree with you to slow it down. But we were by far not out of control."

Quarterback Chandler Whitmer

On the final interception
"We couldn't catch a break and it's tough. Fluke things like that happen where it's just not in your favor, and it's frustrating."

On mistakes
"It's frustrating because you know we fight for everything we get, and we've been doing it all game and really almost all year. We have been in every game except for last week, and it's tough to come out on the bad side of these kinds of games."

Wide Receiver Geremy Davis

On the mood in the locker room
"We are down, but we will get back up. No use giving up. We need to find a positive out of this."

On the last interception
"I didn't even know he picked it off. I don't know the odds of it really happening. Things happen and there's nothing else we can do."