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UConn-Syracuse Post Game Quotes

Nov. 5, 2011

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Head Coach Paul Pasqualoni Opening statement: "It was a tale of two halves here. The coaches and players did an excellent job at halftime trying to make some adjustments on both sides of the ball...We feel fortunate we came away with the victory in this important conference game in November." On the UConn's offensive success in the third quarters this season: "If I knew (why), I would patent it and make a lot of money. Maybe we just get settled down and have a better picture of what we're doing. John (McEntee) completed a lot of balls in the second half." On the decision to go with redshirt freshman QB Scotty McCummings more in the second half: "Scotty is a big guy when he's running with the ball. It just felt like the right time to do it--just a gut feeling. We felt like he was prepared for it so we put him in the game and went with it." On beating his former team: "Just winning in 1-A football is hard. I don't think a lot of people understand how challenging it is to win these games. Anytime you win it's great. My feelings about Syracuse are just about any relationships with players and coaches I worked with. Everybody I know is essentially out of there. It's about the players and effort on the field." On the distraction of the snow storm throughout the week: "I can't say enough about the coaches. They were living without a house. Their kids and their families all put in an effort. We meet early in the morning and stay late at night. The wives and the kids, I promise you, all contributed. This is a victory for everybody."

UConn Player Quotes

#18 Johnny McEntee, RS Jr., Quarterback

On the offense running the ball more today: "We ran more of the wild cat offense today. The offensive line was creating big holes all day and that was working really well."

On gaining momentum from this win: "This was a big game that we needed to win. A loss would have hurt the morale of the team, but we got the win today and we needed it."

On the five turnovers in the first half: "Our defense saved us today. The kept us in it the first half. Those turnovers were a recipe for disaster. We were in the locker room and were talking about how it was like the International Bowl a few years ago. We had like seven turnovers in that game or something and came back to win it. We came out of the locker room in the second and scored on almost every drive I think."

On Lyle McCombs: "He was outstanding today. A lot of that has to do with the offensive line and the receivers blocking downfield. But he was great. He runs hard, he gets it done."

#57 Moe Petrus, RS Sr., Center

"I thought we struggled in the first half and obviously had those turnovers. It was a little sloppy at the start but we executed well in the second half and got the win."

On Scott McCummings: "When Scott comes in, we know we are gonna start pushing people around. We love to run block. He gives us a different edge."

On the momentum from this win: "This was a must win game. If we want to make a bowl game, we need to win out basically. Coach says that one game can change a season and this could be it for us."

Sio Moore, RS Jr., Linebacker

On what this meant for Coach Pasqualoni playing his old team: "He downplayed it the whole way but we knew what it meant. When you play your old team like that, we always knew he wanted that victory. It meant a lot for him and for us to get that victory."

On the interception in the fourth quarter: "I was just reading the release of the wide receiver and following him on the route. I knew we needed a big play so I just made one for us."

On the defense's mindset when the offense turns the ball over: "We knew we had to get the ball back. We don't want to let the turnovers be something that changes the outcome of the game. We need the ball back to give the offense another chance. We work together."

Scott McCummings, RS Fr., Quarterback

On getting more snaps today: "It was great to be out there. The coaches have been showing a lot more confidence in me than in the past. The blocking was great all day today. Everything clicked and I got in the end zone a few times."

On his performance overall: "I felt like I was back in high school again. I was out there having fun. It was great. I'm glad I rose to the occasion and helped us get a win."

Is this game a change in the way the future will be? Is the team going to run the ball more now? "I don't know about that. We went with what was working. That all changes week to week. The run was working this week so we went with it."

Syracuse Quotes

Coach Doug Moroney

On being near bowl eligibility:

"We've got to look at what our goals were before the season and go back now and we lost this quarter. We've lost two games in a row, and that's the first time we've done that this year. We have to come and bounce back. We have three games left and we are fortunate that two are at home. So I'm excited about that and we are on a short week. We have to put this game to bed and move on our short week."

On offense not converting off turnovers:

"You have to make plays and we weren't able to make plays. We wound up turning the ball over too. Twice in that half, but we have to make plays, credit to them, they did a lot of great things today. We got things going during the second half, and we had opportunities and weren't able to take advantage during the first half."

LB Dan Vaughn

On second half: "They schemed us well and made a lot of second half adjustments. We on some plays just were not making tackles on plays they should be made and you know, they had a good game plan."

On UConn wildcat: "It was not the way we schemed it. They were just hitting holes and creating cracks the way they were blocking it. I'm not sure what they did different but I'll have to watch the film. They hit seams and got yards."

WR Nick Provo

On second half offense: "Basically coach coming out and ripping us like he should and telling us to play football like we know how to and not fooling around. We knew what we had to do, and we had a good game plan but just too many turnovers."