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UConn Vs. Tulane Quotes

Nov. 7, 2015

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UConn Head Coach Bob Diaco

Opening Statement: “The team fought and persevered. They busted their butts. They played hard for four quarters and they believed. They prepared well, and in all three phases, there were positive things to talk about.”

On being happy to get out of here with a win:
“Very happy. This is an adverse environment, and the fact of the matter is that an interception that was returned for a touchdown was the difference in the game. You have that interception at the end of the half, which was no harm, no foul, so I don’t put that on Bryant’s [Shirreffs] ledger. He was very ball secure, the special teams were ball secure. Justin [Wain] did a beautiful job in inclement weather, so there are a lot of things to be pleased about.”

On what happened on the blocked field goal:
“They came off of the short edge, and I was wondering if anyone had seen the spot. Maybe we hadn’t slid the hole over to the appropriate spot. That’s the only thing I could guess.”

Punter Justin Wain
On 11 punts today:
“My leg is actually pretty tired right now. I don’t really prepare anything differently. I just keep going with it. Nothing really changes.”

On some of the special teams rushes by Tulane:
“I don’t get to see them till the very last second, so for me I’m just kind of focused on kicking it. Usually, if I have a sense that they are coming, I can get it off a little bit quicker, which is what I ended up having to do. I asked what our blocking was like, because it felt like the same guy was coming through every time. The first half was a bit rough, and, in the second half, I don’t know if we started blocking him more or he wasn’t rushing, but for me it worked out well.”

Tight End Alec Bloom
On drops today:
“A few drops today, but we got the win and that’s all I really care about and all that really matters. I’m just going to forget about them, and just move on to next week.”

On if it’s easier to move on after the first drop or tougher:
“It’s tough to move on whenever you drop a touchdown pass like that, but all my teammates picked me up, and we came out with the win, which is all that really matters.”

Defensive End Luke Carrezola
On sack and forced fumble today:
“I told Coach on the sideline that I knew that their tackle was drop stepping pretty deep. I said that we should run one of our plays where I cut inside, and he listened. That just shows the trust he had in me, and he listened to me. I was just able to make a play when we needed one.”

On defense as whole:
“It was an awesome overall performance today by our defense. Whether we were in bad field position or good field position, we just held strong together. Jamar Summers, obviously, had a great game. Graham Stewart had a great game. Up front, I just thought we beat them pretty good, and it was just an awesome game all around.”

Defensive End Kenton Adeyemi
On solid defensive performance and his sack today:
“Honestly, we just had a great week of practice all around, so I think we were really prepared for what they had to offer. They are a really good team. When you watch their games, you can see their offensive line playing well. They can run the ball well, and they have great running backs. We’ve been working on that all week. We worked on tackling, rushing the passer, and just getting after them, and it showed up today.”

On being more aggressive rushing the passer:
“We knew we could get after the quarterback, and we know we had some good rushers, so we thought we might as well unleash them, and we just tried to do as much as we could.”

Cornerback Jamar Summers
On interception today:
“Within the confines of the defense, we talk about this post route, and there is no post route in our defense. I saw the post, I denied it, and I took it in for a touchdown.”

On defensive performance overall:
“We have a great defense. We all support each other and love each other.”