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Postgame Quotes: UConn vs. Pittsburgh

Nov. 10, 2012

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UConn Head Coach Paul Pasqualoni

"Needless to say, we are proud of the kids and proud of the team. Really proud of the way they prepared and the way they started the game. I thought we finished the blocks a little better especially early on in the game. We were able to run the ball some, especially early on in the game. I thought that allowed us to use misdirection pass and get some balls to Ryan Griffin early in the game. From a run standpoint, I thought we did a pretty good job stopping the run. We didn't do quite as well running the ball in the second half even though Lyle had that big play. Overall just proud of the way the kids prepared tonight."

Talk about the third down play late in the game that effectively won the game
"I'm not so sure I wanted Chandler to the win the game; I wanted the offense to win the game. We thought we had a pretty good play and thought the protection would be good. We had a seven-man protection so we had a lot of guys in protection. He couldn't get it to his first read but he got the ball off to (Shakim Phillips) and he had the wherewithal to stay in bounds and we got the chains moving and the clock moving again. They were out of timeouts so we were going take a shot at throwing it on that third down."

Talk about what the atmosphere in the locker room was post game
"We've been in four games this year when we've lost by seven points or less. We've had our share of those kinds of games. I told the kids it's great to play your best football in November. I thought we went out tonight and showed what kind of team we could be from an offense, defense and special teams standpoint."

On the play of special teams tonight
"We had a big run and an unfortunate push in the back that would have put us in good position if we hadn't made that mistake. You go out and work really hard every week on special teams and I just thought we executed and played with greater urgency.

"On the punt return Nick just went out and made the first two guys miss and then we had some really good blocks on that play as well."

#53 - Ryan Wirth DT

Talking about the way that UConn played defensively against Pittsburgh between the first half and the second half:
"Pittsburgh is a good team and they did what they had to do to move the ball. The most important thing is that we won the game. We will go back and watch the tape and see what happened. Right now, it feels pretty good to win the game."

How does this win rejuvenate the team?
"This was great. Just to see everybody happy. We really needed this and the guys just played their heart out. The offensive line had to make a statement. They were tired of getting beat up on and they took it upon themselves to work together. We were able to get in there and do a good job in stopping a good team."

Commenting on the play of the Huskies in the first half:
"We weren't surprised at all. We know what we are capable of and we expect the type of play we played tonight. We expect that for an entire game."

#94- Ryan Griffin TE On the team's performance tonight: "We look at each other and see what we are capable of doing. Luckily tonight, we were hitting on all cylinders. We played well on both sides of the ball- both on the offensive and defensive side of things. This got us rejuvenated for the rest of the season for sure."

#51- Tim Wilman DT

What tonight's win meant to the UConn Program:
"This win shows that we are fighters and we aren't down and out. A lot of people wrote us off but we all banded together and came out and had a good team win. A lot of people expected us to pack it in and give up for the rest of the season. That is not something we do. That is not how we are coached or raised. This was one of the weeks where we came out and executed all three aspects of the game."

Pittsburgh Head Coach Paul Chryst:
"Well obviously we're certainly disappointed with the outcome of the game. We give UConn credit, they made plays, like the big one on the punt return. They were efficient on offense, and we weren't very good in the first half. In the second half the guys came out and fought, but we didn't get it done.

On Ryan Griffin's success during the game:
"I think it was our eye discipline. A lot of times with a play action pass the eyes get caught up on the run fake... I give them credit, they were efficient and they did a good job of running the ball, which helps with the play action certainly."

On UConn's defense:
"They're a good defense and we had a lot of respect for them coming into the game. I think they're extremely well coached and have good players and play fast... They out executed us. They're run defense was better than our run offense."