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UConn vs. Pittsburgh Quotes (November 11, 2010)

Nov. 12, 2010

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Head Coach Randy Edsall

On the decision to run the ball on the late 4th-and-one
"I knew exactly what down it was. I looked in the eyes of the offensive lineman and in the eyes of (Jordan Todman) and I knew they would find a way to get a first down. After seeing what their offense was capable of, I thought it would be best to get a first down and try and run the clock out and we were able to do that. When you have confidence in your offensive line and running back it makes the decision easier."

On Jordan Todman's performance
"A couple of weeks ago everyone was asking me if 34 carries was too many. Today he had 37 and ran for 232 yards. The thing that's impressive is he's running between tackles, he's running outside, and he's doing it all. He loves to compete, and he'd want us to give him the ball every time I think."

On the way the team played as a whole
"What you saw today is who we need to be. We have a small margin of error. We need to be sound on offense and defense, and do things on special teams. The special teams today came up huge. We had lost some momentum there and Nick Williams returned for that touchdown. The job that Jerome Junior did blocking on the fumble after our kickoff was unbelievable. He was unselfish and blocked their guy so one of our guys could recover the ball."

On UConn's chances on the BIG EAST title now that they have improved to 2-2 in conference
"We've got a long way to go still, but we helped ourselves today. This games over and we have another one next week, and that one is going to be tough as well. We're going to have Saturday off, which they need because this was a difficult football game, and then we're going to focus on next week's game."

Jordan Todman

On Edsall's decision to go for it on fourth down
"That's just having faith in us, and trust. He could see it in our eyes, and our offensive line, they were ready to go. We were like, this is our play we need this. It's make or break the game. We had the utmost confidence and were able to move the chains and keep the clock going."

On getting the ball during the fourth down play
"I knew I would get the ball, it's about will, heart, and determination. I knew I wasn't going to let anybody stop me. I had confidence in my offensive line and knew they would get a push and to just run hard and lean forward."

Zach Frazer

On what he thought about the fourth down call
"I loved it. The offensive line wanted that call. We felt confident with that, and all we needed was a yard, and we were going to man up at that point and get what we need."

On the confidence in the offensive line with the season on the line
"Our offensive line does a lot and they usually don't get the credit they deserve. The guys down in the trenches are working hard every game. So it's nice to see that their work is paying off, and they put a lot in, and even for a yard it takes a lot, so big ups to them."

Head Coach Dave Wannstedt

Opening Statement
"It was obvious that we didn't play well enough to win tonight. Our guys gave effort every minute until the last whistle. I thought the preparation up to game time was good. We did not stop the run on defense, we turned the ball over on offense, and we gave up two plays on special teams, a touchdown and a fumble which turned into 14 points. There were little things that happened throughout the game, we fumbled and exchange once or twice and we put the ball on the ground. These are things that may not show up as major turnovers or plays in the game but instead of second down and four; it's second down and ten. It was just disappointing because of how we practiced. I thought our guys showed up ready to go, but we didn't handle it well in any area. Now it is back to the drawing board."

Did the UConn environment affect QB, Tino Sunseri
"Early on, Tino was not himself. He missed a few throws, he had a couple of turnovers when we were driving and had field position. He has been playing so well over the past several weeks and not only did the turnovers give points away, but it was also a momentum killer. He came back and made some plays, but our maturity in big games needs to improve."

On play of UConn's RB, Jordan Todman
"Their offensive line was blocking us; they pushed us around to be quite honest. I thought we also missed several tackles where we had a change to get him to the ground and we didn't. He played extremely well. He is the best running back we have faced this year; without a doubt."

Tino Sunseri
On mistakes
"I felt that UConn had a good game plan and came out and executed...We're a young team and we're just going to keep learning each and every week."

On UConn's pressure
"We understand that they were going to bring the pressure and understood they were going to have different looks, but they brought more pressure than we expected."

Ray Graham
On the loss and the Big East championship
"Every time in the meeting room we preach Big East and Big East championship, we didn't come out here to lose."

On the fumbled kick return
"I wasn't running the ball tight, the ball came out, I let the ball go, I thought I was in the open field."