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Eagles Run Over Huskies, 39-16

Nov. 18, 2017

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Date: November 18, 2017

Opponent: Boston College

Result: L, 39-16


Postgame Quotes


Randy Edsall, UConn Head Coach

Opening Statement: 

"There were big plays that hurt us defensively all game long. Missed a gap, guy ran under a block on a long run. We didn't get deep enough, we had them on third down and couldn't get off. In the second quarter also we are not built to go three and out and use less than a minute of the clock and for our defense to go right back out there, that makes it hard. We didn't get that done and we didn't tackled as well as the game went on. I thought we started off ok, but didn't finish well."


On moving ball well in first quarter, but not in the second quarter:


"Well what they did is they took David (Pindell) away. They put a guy out there and didn't let him run the ball. What happened was they forced us to hand the ball off and we didn't get a whole lot of movement."



Steve Addazio, BC Head Coach


Opening Statement:


"It is great to be sitting here and being bowl eligible for the fourth time in five years and we had a hard fought game against a good UConn team. I have a lot of respect for Randy Edsall for what he has done at the University of Connecticut in the past and what he will continue to do in the future. We came out and they were well prepared and put up 172 yards in the first quarter. We were able to get ourselves back together and hold them to 8 in the second (half). We played sloppy early on both sides of the ball and then I thought we anchored ourselves back down again. We had a pretty good day... I thought it was a hard fought game, I thought it got sloppy at times early and a little sloppy at the end trying to substitute everyone out, but in between was a lot of pieces of good football in there."


On players stepping up for injured players and getting the win: 


"Yeah it was very gratifying for all of us in that locker room. The beautiful thing about it is that we know what an unbelievable future that we have. Most of all those players will be back. We are forcing ourselves to play a lot of guys right now that would have never would have played but now they are and they are quality players. It is going to bode very well as we go forward. Right now our biggest thing is get ready for a great week, we are playing our rival Syracuse. We got such a big challenge ahead of us there."


On their offensive linemen: 


"I think the line is really glued together right now. I am really proud of them, they lost Elijah in the spring and that hurt us. Then we lost the leader on the offensive line, Jon Baker. I know everyone rolls through that and it happens across college football, we are not the only team, but that was our leader, our captain, and we lost Shane Leonard. These guys have worked really really hard together, they take an awful lot of snap together." 


Senior defensive lineman Luke Carrezola

On playing at Fenway

It was awesome that we had people show up for it and we were excited, we wanted to keep that mindset that they wouldn’t be able to do what they wanted to do on us but we have to be consistent, we weren’t consistent enough and we didn’t get the job done.


On the difference in the last three quarters

I think it’s those explosive plays. It’s something that we really need to work on because we play well for 65 plays but there are 73 plays in the game or something like that and there are other plays that we just give way too much yardage and I need to do a better job.


On how Boston College played tonight

I mean they came out and they ran the ball and we didn’t do our job today and it sucks but we have to finish next week strong.