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Postgame Quotes

Nov. 21, 2015

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Date: November 21, 2015
Opponent: Houston
Result: W, 20-17

Head Coach Bob Diaco
Opening Statement
It's an honor to be here representing the team and, in particular, the seniors. They fought so hard and through so much adversity, they've been through so many struggles and they have been the heartbeat and the backbone of this team. We've challenged them to be that. It's not a big group of guys but it's a group of tough guys. They persevere and they represent everything that's great about the University. They are good students, good people and they care so much about this team and turning this team back into a winner, which we've done. It's an honor for me to coach, teach and lead them and represent them here at the podium.

I'd like to give credit to Houston. The Houston team and staff is a class group. They fought hard tonight and they have had a strong year. They have another game and I wish them safe travels and all the best.

At the end of the game, to be among the student body and the fans on the field is quintessential college football. It is Husky football. It was so special and that's a great Pratt and Whitney Stadium at Rentschler Field moment and we'll have more moments like that in the future. It was absolutely great.

On Losing Starting QB Bryant Shirreffs in the First Quarter
The thought process has to be "next man in". The way that we prepare as a team is everyone gets a lot of work. We believe that if you work hard and you do the work to prepare then you should play and you should have a chance to play. These guys know that. So they get ready and there isn't a deceleration. Did it look here and there that everyone was in sync? We lost two of our strongest stalwarts on offense very quickly with Tommy (Myers) and Bryant (Shirreffs). So we had some moving part issues. But it had to be next man in with Garret Anderson and Timmy Boyle and Chris Lee. Two freshmen coming in there and mixing it up. This was just a special team win for our team and football family.

On the Emotion Felt on the Sideline After Jamar Summers' Interception to Effectively End the Game
The emotion is satisfaction of job well done. You immediately think about what makes a special moment. Senior Day is a special moment but it's only special if you win. I don't mean to be callous but it's very forgettable if you don't win. To have this kind of win happen for those seniors and their families, I know that is going to be a catalyst for so much success in the future. That's what I was thinking; this is so great for our seniors.

On the Garrett Anderson's Touchdown Pass
Garrett possesses a lot of traits and talents of what we would look at for fullback that moves a little. He needs to be big, have good hands and needs to be athletic. So we were scouring the team for this guy and we turn around and there is this big physical 225 pound guy who is big and tough and smart and who knows the offense. He knows all the positions from the quarterback position. We asked him if he wanted to play some football and he said ‘absolutely.' He's a grown man who is married. He's a mature guy and a great teammate. There was no doubt in my mind that if we put him in that spot, he was going to make a play.

Junior, Running Back, Garrett Anderson
On thoughts when the trick play was called:
"I was excited. I was ready. I told coach it was going to work and I knew we were going to be open because not many people were going to expect that."

On playing other positions besides quarterback:
"I mean it's all about the team first. I came in here to play quarterback and then when the coaches asked me to do other things I said, ‘you know what, why not'. I love playing football in general."

Junior, Quarterback, Tim Boyle
On getting the call to play quarterback:
"Well I think I did a decent job preparing for this game and I think I do that for every game. I feel that if Bryant (Shirreffs) goes down then I'll be able to step in and do his job."

On what this win means for him: "It means everything. As you guys know I've been going through some ups and downs with my health, being on the field, and all that kind of stuff. It feels great to finally showcase my ability and lead the team and come through with a big win." Senior, Safety, Andrew Adams

On students storming the field:
"That's a moment I will never forget in my life. Great UConn fans rushing the field, they were jumping up and down. It touched my heart."

On how meaningful the game was to him:
"You know it's huge, especially on senior day. There is a bunch of seniors who put blood, sweat, and tears into it. We finally see our hard working paying off."