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UConn 45, Memphis 10 Post-game quotes

Dec. 7, 2013

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Interim Head Coach T.J. Weist quotes

Opening Statement:

"It was a really nice team win for us. The offense, which has struggled for most of the year, came together and executed. We started slow but we came together and kept plugging away and making plays. Our defense did a good job. We wanted to send the seniors off right. We wanted to play the Husky way with great effort, finish, and guys playing together with energy. I couldn't be more proud of this team and the senior class. It was a record setting day for Casey Cochran, Geremy Davis, and the offense. I couldn't be prouder of the way we came together. This senior class in the last six of eight weeks has stayed the course. They learned how to win and come together. There's nothing special about it, it's just guys making plays and playing smart football. Casey went out and threw the ball and guys caught it. Guys were aggressive catching the ball. Geremy really proved that he's a heck of a player. Deshon Foxx really had a great day. You can tell there is a lot of leadership on this team. It gives us great momentum for next year. It gives them confidence.

On getting Davis his record-setting catch:

"I wanted to be respectful to Memphis and not feel like we're keeping the first team out there. I didn't want them to feel like we were trying to throw it and run up the score but I wanted to put our offense out there and give those guys a chance to make plays and get that last pass in. It was good for Geremy to get over 1000 yards this season. It's important to have that kind of success for this offense.

On Casey Cochran's development this season:

"It's not surprising. If you know him it's not surprising. He continues to make smart decisions. He continues to make good throws. You keep building your confidence with every good decision and completion you make. That's what he's done. There was nothing different about him today. He is who he is and it's not an ego thing with him at all. That's what makes him good."

Redshirt Junior Wide Receiver Geremy Davis

On when he knew he was going to have a big game:

"I just focused on playing and changed as the game went on. I'm happy we could go out with a great win for these seniors. These guys went to a bowl a few years ago. Next year is going to be my turn to be a senior so I want to make this a lesson to not let it happen again."

On playing with Cochran in the final three games:

"I had the opportunity to throw with three good quarterbacks. All three of those guys are hard workers. I'm happy they all got to play a part in this season."

On getting his record-setting reception:

"I know the coaches were trying to get it to me so I really want to thank them for that. They did a great job coaching all the receivers. If you look at the film from this year and last year we developed so much. We're a lot closer.  I want to thank them for that."

Redshirt Freshman Quarterback Casey Cochran

On his status as the starting quarterback for next season:

"At any school there is always competition and I'm going to be ready to go back and compete when we start workouts again. I don't feel comfortable with having the job yet; I'm going to have to keep working. I'm not comfortable with the season I had. There are a lot of things that I can improve on and as soon as I can recuperate a little from these last three games I'm going to get going on that."

On his record-setting day:

"I give them most of the credit for being able to do as much as they did with the ball. Deshon was great with those bubble screens and Geremy was able to go up and make plays. I give them credit for that. The offensive line protected me and gave me a lot of time. If you go back and look at the film, I had quite a bit of time to sit there and examine the defense."

On Geremy Davis:

"He's got some of the best hands I've ever seen in my life. He's a playmaker and he's special. He's been working so hard and he deserves all the credit and more for breaking 1000 yards this season."

Memphis Head Coach Justin Fuente  

Opening Comments:

"First of all, congratulations to Connecticut, all their kids and staff. I think it says a lot about the job they've done for those kids to battle through the rough situation they're in. The coaches and the kids, congratulations to them, they certainly deserve it.

On team's performance:

"I thought we played hard, but we didn't make a play on either side of the ball. I mean, it wasn't that we didn't play hard, we played real hard. The kids kept their wits about them and continued playing, but sometimes the harder you try, the worse it gets. On special teams they were playing hard and on offense we were, I mean, we didn't play well and Connecticut did, but we couldn't make a play. Sometimes we were right there and couldn't make the play.

On team's motivation going into today after two straight losses:

"I think they were obviously ready to play, but I thought we were to. Obviously they have a lot of positive vibe right now which is great for them, but I thought our guys were ready to go but we didn't get it done. I didn't think that was the problem though.

On UConn's passing game:

"Well it was unbelievable, they threw it all over the yard. The big kid Davis, my gosh, we started putting two guys on him in the second half and he caught one on our side falling down with us draped all over him. He played really well and obviously they found their quarterback. Can't say enough about him.  He seems to have a good feel for what they're trying to do."

Junior wide receiver Joe Craig

On big kick returns:

"Coming into the game, coach said play for the team which is the reason why he took the names off the back of our jerseys. I always wanted to get the kick back that they took from UCF and that's one of the things special teams has always told me to do. Get it back, get it back, and I just believe in the blocking lines and we had some key blocks which is how I got some big yards. It wasn't all me today.

On team's effort:

"UConn came out on fire, they had nothing to lose. Coach told us that the whole week. They came out and just did everything they possibly could, they brought the whole playbook it seemed like. They had guys making plays like 85, I don't know his name, but he made unbelievable plays and the quarterback made reads. They just outplayed us today.

On poor offensive effort:

"Honestly, I don't think we did anything wrong. The defense just solidly stopped us.

On motivation for next season:

"I'm excited now heading into next year. This was my first year, this was Paxton's first year so we can only get better from here. The season didn't go the way we wanted it to, but the season starts for us tomorrow so we're going to get in the weight room tomorrow, watch some film, and start our 2014 season."

Redshirt-freshman quarterback Paxton Lynch

On Memphis' and UConn's performance:

"I think they just beat us in all phases of the game, I mean they kicked our butts on defense. On offense, they shut us down I feel like and overall they wanted it more than we did.

Comparing UConn to other American opponents:

"I don't know if they were as good as those other defenses were, but we just couldn't get anything going. The wheels were spinning, but we just couldn't click and move the ball.

On the direction this team is headed in the future:

"I think we're headed in the right direction because it's a tougher conference and it's different than the teams we played last year. They are a lot better than the teams we played this year, USF, Cincinnati, and Louisville. We were in those games but we came up short."