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What They're Saying About Paul Pasqualoni

Jan. 14, 2011

Jim Calhoun
UConn Men's Basketball Head Coach
"I had the opportunity to talk with Paul Pasqualoni briefly before we headed out to our flight for DePaul. I have known him through my good friend Jim Boeheim and others, for a number of years. Paul is an incredible football coach, and an incredible person, and he will be a wonderful addition to the UConn football program. I offered him best wishes for success in the football program's continued drive to prominence. UConn has got itself a terrific coach in Paul."

Joe Paterno
Penn State Football Head Coach
"Paul is a very intense, excellent teacher and I'm sure he will do a very good job at Connecticut."

Jerry Jones
Dallas Cowboys Owner and General Manager
"The University of Connecticut has hired a quality man of great integrity--and a wonderful football coach. He is a leader, a great communicator, a dedicated professional and a winner. We are grateful to Paul for his contributions to the Dallas Cowboys and we wish him the very best with this new challenge."

Jason Garrett
Dallas Cowboys Head Coach
"Paul is as good a person--and as good a football coach as anyone that I have had the privilege to be associated with in my time as a player or coach in the NFL. He has everything that a college program would want from a leadership perspective. He knows the game, and he is very effective at coaching and teaching every aspect of the game. We wish nothing but the best for Coach P. and his family. I know our players and his fellow coaches here in Dallas will miss him very much."

Nick Carparelli, Jr.
Senior Associate Commissioner (Football), BIG EAST Conference
"The University of Connecticut could not have hired a better coach or a better person than Paul Pasqualoni. No one has won more BIG EAST Championships or coached in more BIG EAST games than Coach P. But what really sets him apart is his approach to the job. More than winning games, he knows how to build a successful football program the right way.



"He is a man of the utmost integrity and has earned the respect of all who know him. The well being of the student-athlete will always be his first priority. There is no doubt in my mind that Paul Pasqualoni will continue to build on the recent football success at UConn. On behalf of the entire BIG EAST Conference, we welcome him back."

John Toner
Former UConn Athletic Director and Head Football Coach
"Paul is an excellent coach, a son of Connecticut and a guy who has accepted challenges and met them every step of the way. He is going to work for Connecticut, not Paul Pasqualoni. He is going to work for the benefit of UConn, not Paul Pasqualoni. This is very different in today's climate. Paul loved Connecticut and I think we will all benefit from his presence on campus. I am very proud of Jeff Hathaway and applaud him for this decision and how he and the University advisory committee handled the whole process."

Grant Teaff
Executive Director, American Football Coaches Association
"UConn has hit a long home run. Paul is a tremendous individual and an outstanding football coach. He is highly thought of in our profession both on a personal and professional basis. I have watched him adjust to both the college and professional game and from my standpoint he is a very intelligent and well-developed football coach. He is a player's coach and has a great relationship with the men who play for him."

John Fontana
Executive Director, Connecticut High School Coaches Association
"Paul is a high class ethical guy. He is loved in every state by every high school coaches association. He is an honest guy who knows his football. He is excellent at getting the high school coaches in various states to believe in his program. Paul will have a good rapport with the coaches in Connecticut. Personally, I think it is a great hire.

"I don't think everyone realizes what UConn football and Rentschler Field has brought to Connecticut football in general. We are producing better players each year and they are working harder and getting stronger. When you build a program like UConn has, you go step-by-step and Paul will get them to the next level. He will win the state over and get everyone committed to the program."

John Dorsey
Director of College Scouting-Green Bay Packers, UConn All-American Linebacker 1983
"Paul is a very honorable man and and an excellent football coach. He will keep the tradition going of what we have accomplished here at UConn over the last ten years. I can't tell you what he means to high school coaches from all over the country. You can't believe the comments I have already received from high school coaches. It's a perfect match."

Jerry Horowitz
Director-NFL Youth Tackle Football, 30-Year New York City High School Football Coach
"I don't think I could put in one line or one paragraph my thoughts on Paul. There is not a better representative in college football for the game. It is a great hire for Connecticut and I am so happy for him. He will represent UConn in a first class way. He has the upmost integrity and there is no better person than him. He always puts his players first and has their best interests at heart. Paul's not selfish - he gets it. He prepares players to be better adults for their future."

Donovan McNabb
Washington Redskins Quarterback and 1998 Syracuse graduate
"I am so excited for Coach P. He is an excellent coach and can coach at any level but I think he is a perfect fit as a head coach at the college level. Coach P. knows how to teach, he knows how to recruit, he knows how to run a college program. I always refer fondly to my days at Syracuse and one of the main reasons is that I loved playing football for Coach P. I grew in many ways while at college - as a person, as a student and as an athlete - and I owe a lot of that to Coach P."

Dick MacPherson
Head Football Coach at Syracuse, 1981-1990
"If there was a ever a perfect candidate to be the head football coach at the University of Connecticut, it's Paul Pasqualoni. This is an absolute gift handed to UConn and I say that in all honesty. You just can't go wrong with this man, he is absolutely fantastic in all facets. I want to congratulate the search committee at UConn because they undoubtedly picked the best guy. I definitely wasn't a UConn fan until right now!"

Jake Crouthamel
Director of Athletics at Syracuse University, 1978-2005
"I applaud the University of Connecticut, and most especially Jeff Hathaway, for the decision to hire Paul Pasqualoni as their new head football coach. These decisions are not easy, and I know that Jeff went out of his way in dotting all the i's and crossing all the t's. From a personal standpoint, I'm REALLY happy for Paul and his family. I know that he wanted to get back into the college game, and UConn is a great fit for him. You've got yourselves a very good coach and a great person. You've been successful with one Syracuse product, and I'm sure you won't be disappointed with the next one."