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Conference Call Quotes: Kermit Buggs

Jan. 23, 2013

Kermit Buggs, Running Backs and Special Teams Coach
What are your thoughts on joining the UConn staff?
“It’s a great deal to have a chance to work with coach [Paul] Pasqualoni and work with a great group of guys that have been here for a while.  It’s definitely a great chance to work with [offensive coordinator] T.J. [Weist], who I’ve heard a lot about.”

How will your move from coaching defensive backs to running backs work out?
“Actually, when I was a [graduate assistant] at Penn State I coached running backs and then I played quarterback at Norfolk State University and I’ve coached offense pretty much all my life, so the switch to defense was something new for me.  It’s coming back home for me.  It’s another opportunity to get back to offense, but also an opportunity to work with special teams, which I did at Penn State also.  Offense is really what I do.  It’s home for me.”

What do you want to do with the running game at UConn and what is your style?
“Whatever T.J. dials up and the offensive staff puts together, we will be prepared to do as running backs.  [The running backs] have to be one of the most versatile athletes on the field.  They have to be able to block, they’ve got to be able to catch and they’ve got to be able to run.  We want to make sure they can protect the football, catch the football and protect the passers. Basically, my style is making sure we have to most well-rounded backs.”

Do you like using more than one running back in a game?
“I really do. I think you save yourself a little bit and even if we have a change of tempo guy, a thumper, a speed guy or two speed guys, you need to have at least two that are ready to go every game.”

Are you excited about the running backs that are here?
“Yes.  I got a chance to sit down with [Lyle] yesterday and Max [DeLorenzo] came in today.  They are ready to work; ready to get after it so I’m excited to work with both those guys.  I actually recruited Max and I knew who Lyle was when I was at Penn State, so it is an excellent opportunity now to coach those guys.”



What are your thoughts on coaching the special teams?
“Both the punter and kicker are returning and those guys are great football players, so we want to make sure we keep those guys consistent in what they’re doing.  In the return game, this spring is going to be a wide open race.  Whoever comes out the most productive, first and foremost catching the football and be productive with it afterwards, will win the return job.”