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NLI Signing Day Press Conference

Feb. 6, 2013

Head Coach Paul Pasqualoni
Review of recruits from the state of Connecticut:
"Obviously, we're very excited about several things here today.  I think, first off is the fact that we've signed six players from the state of Connecticut.  We're extremely excited to have Tim Boyle come to the University of Connecticut to play here [at Rentschler Field] as we are the other in-state players.  Timmy, coming from Xavier; this will be the third Xavier player we have on our team.  [Xavier] is a great program; state championship program; Sean Marinan does just a great job there.  Timmy is 6'4", his growth potential is excellent, his skill set is excellent, his passion for the game, his focus, his commitment are what you hope your quarterback demonstrates.  Matt Walsh coming from Hand High School, another perennial state champion; Steve Filippone is an excellent coach, that's an excellent program.  Matt is very athletic, can play the fullback position and that's how we recruited Matt, but make no mistake he has a very high motor.  Cole Ormsby is an outstanding young man.  What we're trying to do in building the program, and it's hard to do it overnight, we're trying to recruit pro-type size guys.  We'd like to have a big, athletic, fast, smart, tough football team here at UConn.  So size factors are a big part of what we're doing.  Cory Jasudowich, from North Branford High School via Cheshire Academy, is another very high motor player.  He's at 6'2", probably 230 [pounds] right now.  Like Matt Walsh, has that kind of motor that you look for at [linebacker].  He has the toughness and the skill set to be a good linebacker.  Tommy Myers is another from a pro-type standpoint.  What we would like to have at the true tight end position is a tall guy.  Tommy is in the 6'4"-plus category.  He could be that unit tight end, which is the tight end that lines up on the line of scrimmage.  A big part of his job is to block and be physical, but it is important to have a guy there that can run and get down the field vertically.  Noel Thomas, who went to St. Luke's, he's from Norwalk.  Noel is a little bit taller.  He gives us a guy who is a little bit taller receiver, a little bit more alike the `X' and the `Z', the taller outside receiver.  [He has an] excellent skill set, very soft hands, very good speed and has a very good sense of balance."

On quarterback Kivon Taylor:
"We signed Kivon Taylor.  We made the decision over the summer that we were going to take two quarterbacks.  Kivon is another dual-sport player.  He plays basketball as well, is a tall guy.  He's got excellent potential.  As of right now, we're going to have two quarterbacks in this class, which is something that we are excited about."

On current enrollees participating in offseason workouts:
"We have two on campus now in Dhameer Bradley, from Eastern Christian, and of course Noel Thomas, who I talked about, are here now; in the offseason program.  [They are] getting acclimated to school, will be in Spring practice, so we're excited about the group."

What specifically were you looking for in this recruiting class?
"We wanted to bring in several offensive linemen and we were able to sign three.  That was important to us.  We were looking to bring a couple of defensive linemen.  Michael Boland gives us a very athletic guy inside.  Down the road, he runs so well, is so athletic, that he'll develop into being a fine interior defensive lineman.  The young man from Far Rockaway [N.Y.], Foley [Fatukasi], was in our camp.  We had a chance to coach him over the summer.  From an interior defensive line, we like those guys.  Cole [Ormsby] is going to develop into being that bigger defensive end type of guy that we really like.  Sha-ki Holines is another big, tall guy; like Cole.  So Sha-ki and Cole, down the road, you might see lining up with their hand on the ground.  I think from the offensive line, defensive line standpoint and the two quarterbacks we felt pretty good."

What are you trying to create by bringing in two more quarterbacks?
"I think that at the position, we've got Chandler [Whitmer], who is an older guy.  He's developing and next year is already going to be in his junior year and well along academically.  We had a chance with Timmy [Boyle] and the players we were recruiting to get a bigger, taller version [of quarterback].  If you notice, the guys we took are not the same, from a profile standpoint.  If you're going to be in a pro-style system and you're going to throw a drop-back pass, the fact remains that [the taller quarterback] can see better down the field.  Timmy can make all of the throws."

Do you get a sense that there are any players that are ready to get on the field right away?
"We signed a guy, Brian Lemelle, who is a really productive guy.  Noel [Thomas] is more that outside [receiver], Brian is more that slot guy.  We've got some nice guys on campus to compete for that spot, but Brian Lemelle has got a pretty good skill set.  [Playing time] is going to depend on how grown up he is when he gets in.  Jalen Stevens is a ready, highly-regarded defensive end/outside linebacker.  A lot of people would have liked to have signed him.  We'll see how grown up he is and how he handles getting hit by the older guys when he gets in here.  There are guys [in this class] that it's hard to predict."