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BIG EAST Honors Moments Of Sportmanship

March 2, 2010

PROVIDENCE, R.I. - For 30 years, the BIG EAST Conference and its member institutions have been excelling on the playing field -- individuals and teams have won numerous national championships and have consistently broken records.

Today, though, the BIG EAST is taking pause to recognize those who have recently excelled off the playing field with exemplary demonstrations of sportsmanship in honor of National Sportsmanship Day, which is March 2.

NSD is widely recognized as the largest sportsmanship initiative in the world and over 90 million individuals have actively participated in this even through their schools, clubs or leagues.

The BIG EAST Conference's 16 senior woman administrators have taken on the responsibility of addressing sportsmanship and ethical conduct and have formed a subcommittee to proactively discuss best practices, share ideas and become advocates on their respective campuses to make the BIG EAST Conference a national leader with this initiative.

As part of this charge, they have nominated three recent outstanding instances of sportsmanship from around the BIG EAST. These nominations will be voted on by fans who will select the best demonstration of sportsmanship by visiting The winner will be announced Sunday, March 7.

Nomination No. 1: West Virginia Football Team and Fans Embrace UConn Following Death of Jasper Howard

The entire West Virginia University football community, including fans, players, coaches and administrators demonstrated overwhelming support for the University of Connecticut football program leading up to and just before the two teams squared off just one week after the tragic death of the Huskies' Jasper Howard. Watch as the two teams shake hands and head coaches embrace with a hug before the game.



Nomination No. 2: 2010 BIG EAST Most Outstanding Swimmer Josh Schneider Greeted With Warm Welcome En Route To Accepting His Award

Cincinnati swimmer Josh Schneider was awarded with the 2010 BIG EAST Most Outstanding Swimmer by the league's head coaches, and was greeted with a special entrance en route to receiving his award. By virtue of his team's deck position, he had to walk past several other teams before making it to the podium. In an impromptu gesture of respect by those teams, they all put their arms in the air to create a dramatic entrance similar to what you would see at a wedding when the bride and groom are announced.

Nomination No. 3: USF and UConn Partake In Impromptu Dance-off During Five-Hour Rain Delay at 2009 BIG EAST Baseball Championships

USF and UConn found a unique way to entertain themselves during a five-hour rain delay before Game 8 of the 2009 BIG EAST Baseball Championship at Bright House Field in Clearwater, Fla. The teams began a dance-off that took on a life of its own just before officials postponed the game. After all was said and done, both teams shook hands and shared hugs.

About National Sportsmanship Day

NSD is celebrated in more than 14,000 schools throughout the United States and around the world. In its 19th year, National Sportsmanship Day is widely recognized as the largest sportsmanship initiative in the world and over 90 million individuals have actively participated in this even through their schools, clubs or leagues. The theme of this year's celebration is Competitive Self-Restraint--competing hard but maintaining one's self-control and playing within the rules.

The 2010 Honorary Chairperson is Pierre Garçon, a football player with the Indianapolis Colts. Garçon is a role model both on and off the field and truly embodies the spirit of National Sportsmanship Day.

National Sportsmanship Day, founded by Institute for International Sport Executive Director Dan Doyle in 1990, has several important objectives:

To promote ethics, honesty and fair play in athletics and in society in general through education and sport. To designate a day each year during which student-athletes, coaches, administrators and parents engage in thoughtful and reasoned discussion about the role of sportsmanship. To provide participating schools, clubs, and athletic organizations a template to successfully celebrate the day with sportsmanship themed activities, discussion topics, etc. To make participation in National Sportsmanship Day an anchor event which fosters good sportsmanship on a year-round basis.

March 2, 2010 kicks off the year long celebration toward the 20th annual event, which will be celebrated in Washington, DC.