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Husky Football Holds Pro Day

Andrew Adams
March 8, 2016

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STORRS, Conn. - The University of Connecticut football program held its annual Pro Day on Tuesday morning at the Burton Family Football Complex and the Mark R. Shenkman Training Center.

Husky seniors from last year that took part were: safety Andrew Adams (Fayetteville, Ga.), defensive lineman Kenton Adeyemi (Wethersfield, Conn.), defensive lineman Julian Campenni (West Pittson, Pa.), running back Max DeLorenzo (Berlin, Conn.), safety Junior Lee (Brooklyn, N.Y.), long snapper Dominick Manco (Lagrangeville, N.Y.), offensive lineman Paul Nwokeji (Randolph, Mass.), offensive lineman Tyler Samra (Wycoff, N.J.), linebacker Graham Stewart (Durham, Conn.) and linebacker Marquise Vann (Cincinnati, Ohio).

Here are some quotes and video interviews of the day.

Safety, Andrew Adams

On what it would mean to him to hear his name called on draft day:  "It's always been a dream for me since I was a little kid. To hear my name called by an NFL team on draft day, that would just be a dream come true."

On how having fellow Husky alums, who he played with at UConn, in the NFL has helped them: "I was talking to all of them throughout the training program and throughout the process. I still talk to them. They've been through it so they give me words of advice and I just listen to them."

On what he hopes to accomplish on a day like today: "I just set in my mind that I'm going to do the best that I can. I have high expectations for myself and I want to achieve those expectations. I think I came out and gave it my all. I think I did my best today."

On what he wanted to show them about himself: "My speed. Throughout watching the film, I've heard guys critique my speed and I've had question marks about that. So I wanted to come out, run a good 40 and prove to them that I can run."

Running back, Max DeLorenzo

On his thoughts about the day: "I thought we did well as a whole senior class. I was pretty stressed out before and a little nervous, but we've trained two months for this and once we got out here, it was a lot different. We were just doing what we love to do. It was a good experience overall."

On how difficult it is knowing this one day can change everything: "It's kind of like football. We train for two months, we do all these 40 reps, all these jumps, and then we only have one or two attempts out here. It's the same thing when you practice all year round and you only have 12 games. It fits in like that, but I'm definitely more relieved now I know I'm still breathing heavy, but it feels better now."

On what it's like to be out on the field one last time with the seniors: "It was great. We all kind of split up for two months and now we're getting back together and trying to earn a job. It'll be interesting to see where everyone lands, but no matter what, we're still family."

Linebacker, Marquise Vann

On what drill went well and what he was most happy with today: "I was most happy with everything. I can't really knock anything I did. I came out here and gave my best. I was excited and I competed. If I really had to pick one. If I really, really had to pick one, I would probably say my "L" drill. I like my "L" Drill."

On his performance in the weight room: "When I was training I was getting 21. I think the best I ever got was 26 or 25 right around there. I mean that is good enough for me for what I was thinking so I'm not too disappointed."

On being out here one last time with his fellow seniors: "It feels good to see my team mates one last time, hang out with them, joke around with them, love on them and just let them know they are always my team mates."