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First Spring Practice of 2012

March 20, 2012

Paul Pasqualoni, Head Coach

Opening Statement:
“I thought we tried hard.  I thought we got sloppy during parts of practice, but I also thought we made some plays at other points in the practice.  Part of the process of getting ready to play a season, is developing consistency, assignments and techniques and being able to do the right thing at the beginning of practice and when you’re into the end of practice as well.”

What are you looking to gain from the spring session?
“You’re evaluating personnel every snap.  We grade every play, every performance.  As a staff, you’re really looking to define the talent of every player on the team so that you can get him in the right role and maximize the talent that you have on the team.  And you’re installing your system, trying to get [the plays] as familiar [with the system] as you can.”

How do you handle trying out five players at quarterback?
“I felt we handled it really well today.  The reps were split up pretty even.  At times we were in five play sequences, other times we were in four play sequences.  We’ll be able to mange that and evaluate them as we go, one day at a time.”

Do all five have an equal shot, in your mind, at this point in the year?
“At this point, that’s the fun part of this time of year.  We don’t have to get ready to play anybody this week.  We can just kind of grind this away.  And it’s not just the quarterback position; we want competition at every position.  Everybody is competing right now.  Part of being a player is trying to show the coaches why you should be the guy who starts.  That’s got to be a part of your mindset everyday when you come out here.”

Johnny McEntee, RS-Senior Quarterback



There are four other guys fighting for your job.  Where do you feel you fit in?
“I think [the coaches] are giving us all a fair chance and I think it’s good.  Competition is good.  It will make me better and make everybody better.  Casey [Cochran] and Chandler [Whitmer] were really good out there today.  For their first day, especially Casey, being the young guy, he played pretty well, better than I would have at his age.” 

Having gone through this competition before, does that make this any easier?
“It makes it a little easier.  We’re kind of used to sharing reps during the season.  Even during the season, me [Michael] Nebrich and [Scott] McCummings would all share reps and just try to do what we can with the reps we get.”

Do you have an advantage after all of the work you got on the field last season?
“I think playing more snaps in the game helped me out, because game experience is the best.” 

Casey Cochran, Freshman Quarterback

How do you feel after your first practice?
“I was anxious to get out here.  I was very excited to get out here, get in the pads and start practicing with all these guys.  We’ve been working out for a couple weeks.  There’s a lot I have to work on.  I had some good throws, but a lot more bad than good right now.” 

Did you feel you got enough snaps today?
“I definitely have to get some more snaps.  I had a couple fumbles, but I got some good reps.  We’ve got five quarterbacks trying to get reps and coach [Shane] Day is doing a great job getting everybody reps.” 

Shane Day, Quarterbacks Coach
How soon do you expect to narrow now the starting QB candidates?
“The reality of the situation is we’ve got to let it play out and however long it takes, it takes.” 

Is it easier or harder to evaluate when you have to spread reps around to five players?
“I think [having five quarterbacks] is fine for the evaluation.  You try to do two things in the spring.  You like to evaluate and get a starter, get that pecking order on the depth chart.  That’s the number one thing.  And then you’ve also got to get them ready to play because a lot of these guys are new to the program.”