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Huskies On The Field For Practice Four

Senior Cornerback Jhavon Williams
March 24, 2016

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STORRS, Conn. - The University of Connecticut football team was back on the field on Thursday for their fourth practice of the spring. The Huskies had two practices before the school took spring break on the week of March 14 and had their third practice on March 22.

The Huskies will have their annual Blue-White Spring Game on Saturday, April 16 at 3:00 p.m. at Pratt & Whitney Stadium at Rentschler Field. Parking and admission to that game is free.

UConn will have an exciting 2016 home schedule and to purchase season tickets, CLICK HERE.

Here are quotes following Thursday's practice.

Head coach Bob Diaco

On how the team did coming back from spring break: "Great. They really worked hard. We were going to practice Monday and Wednesday, but with Nor'easter Regis which shut the school down in the morning, it was a late open. So rather than forcing them back for our check-in Sunday night and then practice Monday morning, we thought it would be best to push it back a day. That really kind of gave them a day to acclimatize back to campus life. Although it was snowing, they probably got a little bit of benefit from it, but they worked hard."

On what TE Tommy Myers is doing since being back from injury: "Tommy is, I don't know what percentage, you would have to ask him, but it's mostly feel now and strength, because he is sound structurally. It went really well. He heeled really well. Every day he seems to do a little bit more and a little bit more."

On QB Bryant Shirreffs doing more in practice today: "We're protecting him (Shirreffs) under center a little bit, but all in all he has all of his throws. So as of about ten days ago we protected his throws, some of his longer, intermediate throws, now he is clear to throw all balls."

On the number of receivers he has and how there might be some competition for that position: "We have five really talented freshmen, well they're not freshman now. Hergy Mayala, Tyraiq Beals, Aaron McLean, Frank Battle and Bryan Coney are all guys that can play really well, winning productive football at this level. Then you add that with Noel (Thomas) and Brian (Lemelle) and you have two veteran players that have made plays here and will make a ton of plays in the future. We need them all. Aaron (McLean) and Frank (Battle) afford a little bit of a tool box opportunity. So you can utilize them in some situations that you won't necessarily be able to utilize the other guys. Tyraiq Beals does some unique things well also, a little bit more race for space style plays where you can utilize him as an open-field, hard to tackle kind of guy. Then you have your Noel (Thomas) and Hergy (Mayala) that really are, not that they're not all every down players, but those guys are really every down players. There's competition, but we're really going to need them all."

RS-Jr., tight end, Tommy Myers

On how it has been getting back into the swing of things: "I'm in the hands of great athletic trainers. I have my full faith in them and whatever they say and that's basically how it goes." On him doing some snapping: "I'm willing to do whatever the team needs and that was a need. I felt that I could perform and snap so that's basically what happened. I did it before high school, but in high school I was actually the punter. They needed me to punt so that's what I did. I'm familiar with long-snapping though."

On the offense improving as a whole this spring: "Just the maturity. We tasted what it's like to be winners. We're forever striving for that now. We're always hungry for more no matter what happens. I just see a lot more maturity and we're just coming out and playing better."

RS-Jr., quarterback, Bryant Shirreffs

On hurting his wrist in the bowl game: "At some point in the second half, I think the beginning of the fourth quarter, I fell on my wrist and it was just hurting, but I didn't know that it was broken until after the game. Here we are, after surgery and recovery, and I'm in a great place. Physically, it gave me an opportunity to rest up a little bit. The last three months or so have been huge for me as far as the mental component of the game and just getting my body right. I feel good."

On focusing on other things when he couldn't necessarily go 100% at practice: "Yeah definitely. I've been so limited. I haven't lifted with my right arm. I still haven't. It's been a challenge in finding new ways to lead. That's been the biggest thing."

On the talent they have for wide receivers: "We have weapons for sure. As you can see today, they make plays and it's exciting to work with them just as far as their speed and dedication to working hard. I'm excited about being around them this season."