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Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Randy Edsall

Opening statement:

"I'm pleased with what took place today; we are in good shape physically for the most part. I think we got a lot accomplished, but we still have a lot of work to do--but I'm sure every coach in America would say that. We found out more about the abilities of our team so it was a productive day. It was great to have the honorable coaches back and for them to address the kids after they've been out in the real world. It's nice for them to hear things from other voices besides my own. It's been a special weekend."

Comments on several successful long passes:

"I think the long passes showed offensive improvement but also some defensive lapses. Most of the time it was because guys' eyes were in the wrong place. If they don't take care of their responsibilities, big plays happen."

On the success of the play-action pass in the spring game:

"We were able to do a lot more with the play-action pass than we have in the past today. When you have a running game the play action is much more effective, and Frazer's accuracy has been great all spring."

On the possible competition between Dave Teggart and Chad Christen for the placekicker position:

"Dave has proven himself in games so he has the spot right now. He's been very consistent this spring, but it's great to have Chad breathing down his neck to keep him motivated to perform his best."

What the honory coaches had to say to the players:

"Alfred (Fincher) told the guys he needs to see more leadership and he needs to see a lot of hard-working guys. He reminded them that you can say whatever you want about talent on the team, but he still questions the togetherness and will power. He told them he knows if they do what they're capable of they can get better. He reminded them that they could be good, but need to want to be great to be great."

On what he was looking for and saw in the spring game:

"I was looking for consistency on offense today. I thought our running backs did a good job today. I thought Tevrin Brandon made some great plays today, but there were times when maybe he could have made a pick instead of batting the ball down. It's stuff like that everyone needs to work on."

Sophomore Cornerback Dwayne Gratz

On what he thinks this team could do:

"We're still a young team out there so there are obviously a lot of places we could still get better. It's a learning process so we're always working to get better."

On what he and the rest of the secondary could do to improve:

"We need our eyes to be dirty, that's what coach tells us. We did alright today but we need our eyes to be dirtier, more aggressive, so we can make more plays on defense."

Freshman Quarterback Leon Kinnard

On the honorary coaches talking to the team:

"We definitely listened to everything those guys had to say. They've been where we are and have been through the entire process. A couple of them are in the NFL so we were definitely interested in hearing whatever advice they had for us."

On what he learned playing the in the spring game:

"Now that the defense is getting better it's a lot harder to get around the edges than it was. I was trying to slide through the protection when I couldn't get around the edges. I'm still learning so it will get a lot easier for me as I get better."