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Football Holds Saturday Practice For Fans

Wide receiver Geremy Davis at Saturday's open practice.

Aug 17, 2013

Saturday Practice Photo Gallery

STORRS, Conn. - University of Connecticut sophomore tight end Sean McQuillan (Glastonbury, Conn.) was taken off the practice field this morning by stretcher and ambulance after suffering a hard hit towards the end of the morning practice on Saturday.

McQuillan has a CT scan of his head and neck, which both came back normal. He was diagnosed with a concussion and will go through the normal concussion protocol for treatment and recovery. He has returned back to the Burton Family Football Complex in Storrs.

Here are some quotes and notes from Saturday's practice.

Head Coach Paul Pasqualoni

On Thomas Lucas moving from cornerback to wide receiver: "Well, we brought him in to work him part of the time at corner and part of the time at wide receiver and see how that went. Part of what we said to him when we recruited him, and what he's excited about is that he'll get to see time at wide receiver so we'll see what happens."

On punt and kickoff return: "I like what we have punt return-wise. I like Taylor Mack back there, I like Brian Lemelle back there, Kamal Abrams, I like what we have back there. Kickoff return, I like Shakim Phillips there, I like Lyle McCombs there, Deshonn Foxx. I like those guys back there and I think we're making progress. They're catching pretty good and pretty consistently. "

On the process of building the depth chart: "We have guys that we're working at a couple positions. We're working Andreas Knappe at an end and as an inside guy. We have guys cross-training some positions. It's all part of camp, just trying to make sure we know exactly what we have and we can utilize everything we've got. "

On players looking for someone other than teammates to hit: "We're just about there. Just about there. That's exactly right. "

On Thursday's scrimmage and the evaluation of younger players: "I thought we had a very good scrimmage. I really thought that we're looking for a level of consistency to see how dependable guys are from an assignment standpoint. I thought we made progress, I was happy with the scrimmage. Some of the young guys we're looking at, looking at Lemelle catching punts, that was good. Matt Walsh getting in there to play fullback, that looked good. Kyle Schafenacker and Thomas Hopkins playing on the offensive line, I think all those opportunities to get those kids in, get them on the field and in a scrimmage situation, I thought Thursday was pretty good for us. "

On Max DeLorenzo running with confidence: "Yea, you know Max, this is his third time through it. He's a smart kid, he's been pretty consistent. What I like about Max is his focus and his attention to the little things that we want him to step out and pay attention to. Some times in high school you get guys who dominate, they can just go out and take the ball and do what they want, and at this level you can't do that. Max's approach has changed and that's for the better. "

On overall injuries: "We have quite a few bumps and bruises. Some of the guys are just about ready to be back, I just want to make sure that they're ready to go before we put them back in. From here on, any time you get shorter you don't have as much time to recover. "

Offensive tackle Jimmy Bennett

General thoughts on practice: "I feel like today's practice today was pretty good. Usually we start pretty slow in the mornings but I thought we had a lot of energy today. A lot of people's parents were here today so they want to show off and do really well but today I felt like we had a lot of energy, we came out in goal line pounding each other. It's fun to knock heads, we did short yardage back to the wall, it was a lot of fun. I felt like we had a really good practice.

On Thursday's scrimmage: "To get out on Rentschler Field and kind of get back into it, it brings it into perspective that we only had two more weeks until the first game. It's nothing real different, we're still going against the same guys for now."

On being ready to face someone in a different color uniform: "You have no idea. I love these guys to death, but I'm tired of hitting them. As soon as I see that black and gold (of Towson), I'm ready to go. "

Wide receiver Geremy Davis

General thoughts on practice: "I feel like the tempo was good, our offense connected on some plays and we were doing our assignments well."

On practicing in front of the fans: "Yea it's nice, it's something we're going to have to do on Saturday's and Thursday's during the season so it's nice to get a mini-atmosphere out here that will prepare us for the games."

On shifting focus to Towson: "Oh yea, these guys, we all know how each other play and I'm ready to focus on another team and scout them out and get ready for them."

Cornerback Taylor Mack

General thoughts on practice: "Defensively we can pick the intensity up a little bit. The offense was kind of coming at us on third down and on the goal line and they were scoring on first down, so there's always areas we can improve. It wasn't a bad practice but we can definitely improve."

On practicing in front of the fans: "It's great, I love seeing the fans come out here and supporting us. We love the fans and I love the fans a lot and they inspire us to play and bring a high energy, so I love it whenever we have an open day to the public."

On Towson coming up: "We're in that time of camp where you keep seeing the same people and the same jerseys so you get a little antsy. But we're excited and I'm excited for Towson, I'm ready to see a different color jersey."