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Huskies Back Home Vs. Cincinnati For White Out

Oct. 4, 2016

STORRS, Conn. - The UConn football team takes on Cincinnati on Saturday at 11:30 a.m. at Pratt & Whitney Stadium at Rentschler Field.

The game will be a White Out and all Husky fans are asked to arrive inside the stadium early and wear white.

The game is also Breast Cancer Awareness Day and the Husky team will be wearing special pink items on their uniforms and the UConn Marching Band will have a special halftime show devoted to that cause.

Tickets are available for the game and can be purchased by CLICKING HERE. Ticket options for this game include the October 4 Pack, with four ticket, four hot dogs, four bags of chips and four bottle so water - all for just $100.

For a copy of the UConn media notes, CLICK HERE.

Tuesday was Media Day in Storrs and here are quotes and video clips from head coach Bob Diaco and redshirt freshman tight end Tyler Davis (North Bellmore, N.Y.) plus a Twitter recap of the day.

UConn Head Coach Bob Diaco

Opening Statement: "Thanks for coming. Just to wrap up Houston, as we talked about briefly after the game, it was a disappointing loss. Credit to Houston. They're a great football team with some exceptional players that cause major problems. It was kind of a tale of cities on the defense. I thought the special teams played well. Brian Lemelle continues to be better at catching punts and driving over there. The cover game and kick style helped that circumstance. The coverage guys are doing a better job of getting out and getting to the football. I was pleased with the special teams' performance as I thought I would be. The offense was able to move the ball at times and really move it pretty well and there were just moments of lack of execution where we really left some real explosive plays on the board. There were moments where we were pretty excited and then moments where another couple of inches could be all in the difference in the game. It didn't need to end with that type of disparity. They're a great team but that's also not a representation of where we're at. On defense, it was a tale of cities. They played 35 minutes a particular way and 25 minutes a complete opposite way. It was a sharp contrast in how we played collectively on defense. We've identified some of that. Moving forward, as a team everyone is excited. Nothing has changed there. We've got a clear vision. We communicate honestly with each other. The guys play and try hard. We also acknowledge as players and coaches areas that we could do better and will. Everyone is resolute to do that. The whole group showed back up to work ready to go. We're excited about getting excited about this half of conference play beginning with a great challenge."

On comparing the Cincinnati offense to those that the Huskies' have seen in 2016: "Cincinnati is a blend of at least two of three that we've played. Obviously, the spread has elements of the triple option, but it's not triple option so Navy is out. They're no-huddle style is not that different as the Syracuse empty set. If I had to pick what is most similar to, it would probably be aligned with Houston or Virginia. They have a lot of three-open and four-open looks. They have a similar style running game and passing concept."

On creating turnovers on defense: "It's huge. We've really drove down on that and addressed it on Sunday. It's a huge piece. We need to be more disruptive with the football. It's definitely a big difference between 2015 and 2016 - the lack of ball disruptions."

On getting the run game more involved in the offensive attack: "I don't really don't have an interest in watching Bryant run and Arkeel not. For Arkeel to have six touches, it can't happen. I don't feel like I'm compromising state secrets. I don't know what play he's going to be electric but if it's on the 13th, we have to give it to him 12 times to see what he does on the 13th. He's that kind of player. We need to get him the ball. We're underachieving period by not getting the ball to Arkeel Newsome more than we do."

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Bryant Shirreffs threw for 87 yards and ran for another 90 in Saturday's loss to Cincinnati.