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Paul Pasqualoni Quotes

Oct. 6, 2012

Head Coach Paul Pasqualoni

Opening Statement:
"I thought the first half of the game we fought hard. We had two turnovers and I thought the defense did a really good job of just giving up two field goals. I told the team that I thought we played well on third down, but not as well on first and second downs. What we tried to do is come in and get something going on first and second down. (We wanted to) give ourselves a little bit of a chance on first and second downs. The turnover on the opening kickoff put us in really good field position, and we didn't do anything with that. In a game like this, you have to do something with that. It was a tough game against a good team. Then we had another good opportunity at the end of the third quarter. There was a sequence of plays, I think we fumbled the snap then we had a procedure penalty, which took us out of field goal range and ended the half. We lost that opportunity. At that point, it would have made it 13-6, a touchdown game. We just didn't get that done. From that point on, things did not go very well for us. I thought Rutgers made some key throws. The back-to-the-wall throw on the sideline, when we had them on the one-inch line let them out. I thought they got some time off the clock on that drive. We had them backed up. I couldn't tell you how many minutes, but it had to be about six. Then you're behind, it's a 16-point game and you have to throw it on every down. When you get forced into that, bad things can happen. We threw a pick after that. It was a tough game. I give credit to Rutgers. They played a good game. They won the game."

On Rutgers defense:
"I would say that we had a hard time stopping their slanting and angling up front. They moved their guys up front pretty well today. We had a hard time finishing blocks and stopping them. That was certainly a factor in the run game."

On winning games with poor running:
"We have to be able to run the ball more efficiently than we ran it today. We have to protect the passer. We have to be able to do those things. Give credit to them, they played a very good game today."



On playing uphill after turnovers:
"Those kind of interceptions, it is hard. You are right. You're fighting uphill. They had a very good return on one and the other was a touchdown, so that's tough."

On sitting Lyle McCombs:
"Lyle, unfortunately, violated a team policy and did not have the opportunity to start and then sat out the first quarter of the game. It was (a violation of team policy) and we move on from there."

On immediate improvement:
"We need to take advantage of the scoring opportunities, getting more out of the scoring opportunities that we had. We didn't have a ton of scoring opportunities in this game. Being able to cash in when you have those opportunities. We lost some chances today."