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UConn Player Quotes

Oct. 6, 2012

Chandler Whitmer, QB

On missed opportunities:
"We missed a lot of opportunities. Rutgers has a good defense and is a good team. I give a lot of credit to them, but we just didn't execute. It's just everybody not clicking. It's all eleven of us. We just didn't do our jobs today."

On not getting the running game going:
"It's tough. We want to be balanced. When we're good, we're balanced, and we didn't do either well today."

On the last time the offense was in a good groove:
"We have times here and there, but we're not consistent enough"

On if he felt the game was slipping at any point:
"No, I don't think we ever felt it was slipping away. I think we just didn't capitalize on opportunities. The defense did a good job of keeping us in the game, but we need to be able to executewhen the opportunities present themselves."

Blidi Wreh-Wilson, CB

On the day's loss, and how to correct things:
"We have to be able to do whatever it takes. We need to be able to play for sixty minutes, until it's all zeroes. We need to worry about ourselves, we can't worry about anyone else. We can't worry about the stands or distractions, and we have to make sure we have our focus on what we have to do."

On mistakes made throughout the game:
"Personally, I need to step my game up. If i get a chance to make a play, I need to make it."

On where this team is:
"Right now we are at a crossroads. We have to make sure everyone has bought in to what the coaches are telling us and we have to make sure we take everything to another level."

Lyle McCombs, RB:

On what wasn't working:
"We have to do a better job of capitalizing. It's nothing they did. It's everything that we did. We have to do a better job of putting the nail in the coffin. We didn't get it done today."



On offense progressing:
"To be honest, we're kind of up and down. We'll have a good game, and then we'll have a game like we had today where we didn't execute or capitalize when we should have. We have to do a better job of being more consistent."

Sio Moore, LB:

On thefrustrating loss:
"We have to stay firm. It's very frustrating to have to go back to the drawing board. You have to go back to the drawing board, but it's frustrating to go back after games like this."

On consistency:
"Coach always harps on the details and consistency. I think we have to do that more. We've been doing a good job at it, but we need to do a great job at it, and we need to take it to another level. There were a lot of opportunities where there were balls on the ground, and there were a lot ofopportunities for us as a defense to capitalize. We have to do more capitalizing. There was a key drive when we had them on the one-inch line. They didn't score, but they had the ball for about six minutes. We have to get that ball out. It's those types of things that we have to bite down on."