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Poem For Jasper Howard

UConn junior linebacker Kijuan Dabney read the following poem as the funeral of his teammate Jasper Howard on Monday, October 26 in Miami. The poem was written by the members of the UConn football team.


As we got on the plane and rose in the sky
Tears filled our eyes and we all know why
We loss a brother, a friend, a blessing in disguise
But we began to smile as we felt you're vibe
"305" tunes n my headphones now we feel alright
Stayed focused 24/7 with our eyes on the prize
You shocked everyone at first sight, very small snack size
We wondered how you got here, but as soon as you stepped
on the field there's something we all recognized
Lil' man, big heart that had a passion for the game
You always said one day the world would know your name
"Play every play like it your last", something that was easy for you, almost automatic
5-9, 175, but if the balls in the air you'll be sure to grab it
Swagged out every game, I'm sure everyone was aware
Dreams of getting to the next level, always saying "I got to get there"
You struck fear in the oppenent's heart, they wouldn't even throw it to your side
Gameplanning that week, coaches telling their QBs "he's small, but we're not going to mess with the little guy"
The first time you threw that "h" in the sky, we asked what it was and you replied "Lil' Haiti"
You loved your city and always said "that's what made me"
Man you inspired us bro, the leader of the group
Smallest soldier in the army, but the leader of the troops
I know you're up there proud, smiling as you were looking down
As your family spoke to us, we were amazed at how strong they were, none of us made a sound
Your mother told us how you would never want us to stop
So to make her proud we promise we gone make it to the top
Mr. Williams told us to have a passion just like you
Wise words from a man so bro that's exactly what we'll do
Your uncle let us know that the answer is not revenge
He told us that god had a different plan for you, and it'll be alright in the end
Witnessing your families strength, courage, and wisdom is something we're glad they wanted to do
As we get closer to your loved ones, we get closer to you
Thank you to the family, for protecting us and holding us one by one with a hug
Jasper Howard was a brother we all truly loved
To Pooh, we love you momma, you have sons that think of you everyday
I promise that we'll make you proud in many ways
And to Nee-Nee, we'll never fall, we'll walk tall and never stumble
We can't replace Jazz as a father, but baby girl will have 104 uncles
Willing to do anything and tell her what type of man her father was, and we know she'll be proud
Whenever she needs anything, she can call us now
"Shoot for the moon, and if you've missed your still amongst those stars"
Now when we step under the lights we can look up and there you are
As we remember you, since you're gone, we'll hold it down for "305"
You got the entire nation going live 365
"All dogs go to heaven", dog pound for life, Jasper Howard you will truly be missed
And as you would say "dat dea what it is"....