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Pindell Eager For Opportunity

Nov. 8, 2017

Special to


Alyssa Cantisani

Junior David Pindell will be the starting quarterback for this weekend’s match up against Central Florida for the second time this season and his first since opening the season as the first string quarterback.

Pindell came into this program as one of the top junior college quarterbacks in the country at Lakawanna College in Pennsylvania. In 2016, his sophomore season, Pindell was 157 of 257 for 2,424 yards with 31 touchdowns.

Head coach Randy Edsall and the rest of the UConn coaching staff were fully confident in Pindell to start this season and were looking forward to watching him succeed. Midway through the first game of the season against Holy Cross, Pindell was replaced by redshirt senior Bryant Shirreffs

When asked about the experience Pindell commented, “I was a little disappointed but I didn’t get too down about it. I found some positives in it. I felt like if I was going to be the backup I could learn from what Bryant does, the things he does well and the things he could correct I will just correct them when I get my opportunity so I didn’t take it as a bad thing I took it as a learning process.”

Prior to Holy Cross, Pindell had only four weeks of practice with the team. As he entered off the bench against USF in the fourth quarter, he had nine weeks and over 30 practices under his belt and we were able to see the progress and chemistry that had formed. Pindell took advantage of the opportunity and capitalized with his first rushing touchdown of his career, a 10-yard run.



Offensive coordinator Rhett Lashlee expects that after having these past ten weeks of practice his comfort on the field and with his teammates should be close to one hundred percent going into this weekend. Pindell has wide receivers like junior Hergy Mayala, redshirt freshman Quayvon Skanes and junior Aaron McLean stepping up and working with him. This is allowing Pindell to gain continuity, familiarty and confidence in his receivers

Pindell is a diligent athlete and fully capable of leading the team to victories  with all of the practice and studying that he has put in. We only got a glimpse of what he is capable of last week. “Now that he’s more comfortable he kind of knows where to go with it. He can get the ball out quick and he throws a catchable ball,” said Lashlee.

Pindell was also able to watch the success Sherriffs had and learn from him in preparation for his starting debut this upcoming weekend. “He’s strong, he’s tough, he stays in the pocket and trusts his line so that’s one thing I’ve developed, trying to stay in the pocket and trust the line and then slow everything down. That’s something he did well so I can definitely learn from that,” commented Pindell.

Between the countless hours of film review, practicing hard day in and day out, trusting his receivers and overall, gaining confidence, Pindell is eager for the opportunity to take on the Knights as UConn’s starting quarterback.