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Jon Wortmann
Jon  Wortmann

Assistant Coach

  Jon Wortmann, a noted author, non-profit leader and corporate coach and trainer who specializes in communication, leadership, and stress reduction skills, is in his sixth year as an assistant coach for the UConn men’s golf team.

  Wortmann works with UConn coach Dave Pezzino to help the UConn players develop the mental strength necessary to improve in all phases of the game. He puts emphasis on the decision-making process the players use to become singularly focused on doing one thing at a time. Once each individual discovers how he can focus on the task at hand, blocking out distractions, the stress level is reduced, and the results are improved scores and better consistency.

  Pezzino credits Wortmann’s coaching with helping UConn’s young players gain the concentration necessary for the successful seasons over the past few years.

  Close to a scratch golfer himself, Wortmann lives with wife Jennifer, a Ph.D. candidate in clinical psychology at UConn, in Ellington, Conn.