2009-10 Men's Hockey Media Center

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    2009-10 Statistics

    Team Statistics [html]
    Game-by-Game Statistics [html]
    Team Statistics [pdf]
    Conference Statistics [.pdf]

    2009-10 Box Scores

    Regular Season

    Oct. 16  at Ferris State    [.pdf]

    Oct. 17 at Ferris State    [.pdf]

    Oct. 23 at Bentley*   [.pdf]

    Oct. 25 at Merrimack   [.pdf]

    Oct. 30 at RIT*   [.pdf]

    Oct. 31 at RIT*  [.pdf]

    Nov. 6 vs. American International*  [.pdf]

    Nov. 7 vs. American International*   [.pdf]

    Nov. 14 at Canisius*   [.pdf]

    Nov. 15 at Canisius*  [.pdf]

    Nov. 20 vs. Air Force*   [.pdf]

    Nov. 21 vs. Air Force*   [.pdf]

    Nov. 24 at Holy Cross*   [.pdf]

    Nov. 28 at Brown  [.pdf]

    Dec. 4 at Mercyhurst*   [.pdf]

    Dec. 5 at Mercyhurst*   [.pdf]

    Dec. 29 vs. Bentley* [.pdf]

    Dec. 30 vs. Union   [.pdf]

    Jan. 8 at Air Force*   [.pdf]

    Jan. 9 at Air Force*  [.pdf]

    Jan. 15 vs. RIT*   [.pdf]

    Jan. 16 vs. RIT*   [.pdf]

    Jan. 22 at Army*   [.pdf]

    Jan. 23 at Army*  [.pdf]

    Jan. 25 at Princeton   [.pdf]

    Jan. 29 vs. Sacred Heart*   [.pdf]

    Jan. 30 vs. Sacred Heart* [.pdf]

    Feb. 5 vs. Canisius* [.pdf]

    Feb. 6 vs. Canisius*   [.pdf]

    Feb. 9 at Holy Cross*   [.pdf]

    Feb. 19 vs. Bentley* [.pdf]

    Feb. 20 at Bentley* [.pdf]

    Feb. 26 vs. Mercyhurst*  [.pdf]

    Feb. 27 vs. Mercyhurst* [.pdf]

    Post Season

    Mar. 6 vs. Bentley AHA First Round   [.pdf]

    Mar. 12 vs. RIT AHA Quarterfinals [.pdf]

    * -- Atlantic Hockey Opponent